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Careful Feeding the New Born Birds

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My name is Court Krippendorf.  I live around Crescent and work across the street at Being.  I just wanted to share a run in I had this afternoon.  Some people were feeding Mama and Squiggys' new arrivals.  Some seagulls swooped in (of course) and dive-bombed one of the babies.  I was walking my dog and noticed this happened because they (the people and geese) started shrieking.  The baby was flailing around and couldn't get his little head up from underneath the water.  He started to go limp, so I just dove in (well waded very quickly) and scooped the little guy up.  He was still breathing but couldn't hold his head up... I think he was just in shock.  I put him at the bank so his parents could get to him, ran home to put away the dog (who wasn't helping matters) and came back.  I stayed for about a half hour to see him right himself and try to join the others!  From here I went home to shower off God knows what I could contract from that water and muck in the lake.  I went right back out and he was swimming with his siblings, then retired for a nap nuzzled up with the others.  So, the moral is... be careful feeding when the flying rats, aka seagulls, are out.  At least I helped the little guy from drowning, but alas my iPhone will not be able to be resuscitated!  Oh well, there's my $500 contribution to Crescent Lake Goose Fund for the year :)  Please be careful.

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