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ADT Vans & Employees Harrassing neighborhoods!!
This letter came to me this week from a neighbor- PLEASE read and be on the look out, if ADT comes to your door, be careful and don't hesitate to call the police after 1 time of asking them to leave. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO ASK ANYONE TO LEAVE THEIR PROPERTY MORE THAN ONCE!!!
I wanted to let you know, if it's of any interest, of the ADT Security
Systems Vans that have been trolling our neighborhood for weeks now.
My husband and I had a horrible experience this past Saturday at
12:40pm with them. It has already been reported to the police, to the central office for ADT and with the head of Absolute Security in
Clearwater, the sales center for ADT locally.
If you feel this should be alerted to the neighborhood, feel free to
use it:

Saturday, I answered my door, again, for the 5th time, another ADT
Security salesman. I told him he was the 5th salesman and I'm really
not interested. He proceeded to yell at me: ''What's your problem,
lady? We're practically giving this away!''
At this point I knew I had trouble at my door and asked him to leave.

There were 2 other guys in the van marked ADT. They started yelling
at me, ''What's your problem, lady?''
At this point my husband came out and asked them to leave. The salesman crossed his arms and informed me that he was not going to leave, because we had nothing posted saying he couldn't be there. The men in the van started yelling at us, that they were not leaving and began laughing at us.
At this point, my husband went to the van and wrote down the license plate number and they started laughing at him and yelled: ''Make sure you get it right!''
Then, they told us they would be back the next day and every day simply because we had nothing posted saying they couldn't be there.

We have notified the police of this harrassment and it is duly noted.

So if it happens to anyone else, there is already a report filed.

ADT has been notified and most importantly, the Absolute Security head
in Clearwater. I've already received a response from him that he will be looking into this and it was unacceptable.

Somehow, I feel these guys and other salesmen after them, are going to cause some trouble in this neighborhood. I could be wrong and at the risk of sounding paranoid, I've had the ''willys'' ever since. It was
that threatening and I don't threaten easily. I just don't think we
neighbors should have to tolerate this. I personally am on alert for
those white ADT vans.

If you feel this is something the neighborhood should be alerted to,
feel free.

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I, too have had unpleasant experiences with these people; they have a fancy tactic of finding out what your neighbor's name is, and saying something like, "Yeah, I was talking to Mike next door and..." - this is a way for them to take down your guard, like this person can be trusted because he is on a first name basis with our neighbor.

They make their rounds every 6 months or so, a van drops these people off and they walk door to door.  I personally don't get much resistance from these people when I tell them to get off my property because I am a pretty big guy, but I feel bad for the elderly and infirmed in my neighborhood being taken advantage of. 

I am cordial but firm when these people canvass my neighborhood - I tell them that I currently have an alarm system and a video system that works just fine - I won't be needing ADT's service.  Bear in mind that when you admit to these strangers with polo shirts and ball caps that you don't have an alarm system, you are letting them know that they or their mates can break into your house any time without worry of setting off an alarm. 

Don't be tricked into a conversation about your alarm brand, cost, age, etc. - they supposedly have an answer for everything - simply tell them that you are happy with your current system and you don't wish to discuss the issue any further.

 I strongly urge anybody uncomfortable with these "salesmen" to call the police, then ADT -

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