Halloween, evil or innocent?

Posted in: Crawfordsville
What is your opinion on Halloween? I have noticed that there are so many different opinions on Halloween and whether or not we should allow our children to celebrate it. Many schools, daycares and churces are now opposing Halloween and celebrating a ''fall harvest''. And asking not to allow children to dress up for Halloween. My beliefs are that Halloween is clean fun. Children enjoy dressing up and asking for candy. I do not believe that Halloween has the same meaning that it started out having. Many say it has evil origins. While it may have started out as evil, that is not how it is celebrated today. Today, it is something very different. I am Catholic have found many articles to support Halloween. For Catholics, we celebrate All Saints Day on Nov 1 and All Souls Day on Nov 2. ''hallow'' means ''holy'' and ''All Hallows Eve'' eventually became ''Halloween.'' I would like to hear other people's opinions on Halloween.
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