check out the crandall texas schools before purchasing home .

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i would think twice about purchasing a home in crandall.there town was not designed to help chidren.myself and every parent i have talked to agree.     in athletics,most schools use state funding,along with ticket and food stand money from games.crandall makes the parents pay for alot of the athletic programs and makes the tax payers want some of there taxes back.        far as school work,there are not to many books.the children are having to copy there lessons off a screen and teachers are not allowed to give any children extra attention to help them with there studies.they have to understand the first time,or go to tutoring.  the school aslo expects the parents to control the discipline of the students,while the parents are out working to pay taxes for there salaries.i know its probally happining everywhere,but crandall is the worst i have ever seen.  so,if you go there,dont be alarmed if the texas government lays off a few teachers and administrative is better not to pay too many,if they are not going to do there job.

Most of the school systems require parents to pay for activities.  It is all about money everywhere you go.  There are fundraisers and activities that require a payment for the kids to enjoy.  It isn't just Crandall.  The school systems spend a lot of money on keeping up with technology.  If the schools keep the ratings up , the more money they get.  I don't believe books are used much anymore.  Many times, teachers will print off a required page for the students.  However, the books aren't used much anymore. 

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