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Barking Dogs

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I don't know who wrote the article entitled ''CVVHOA Covenant Compliance Checks'' in the last newsletter, but I find it embarrassing that the board would have allowed the last paragraph regarding barking dogs. I can appreciate that there are times when dogs bark late at night, my dog has done this on occasion, as well as my neighbors'. When this happens I calm my dog down or place him in the garage. When it is my neighbors?’ dog I discuss the problem with them and this usually resolves the matter. I know of several people that have taken this approach and it usually works.

Rather than just suggest you turn your neighbor over to code compliance the article should have suggested to discuss the matter first and try to work out an amiable solution. Just turning someone?’s name into the city without trying to work it out first only fosters bad feelings between neighbors. Just as in an incident that happened within the last year where one neighbor went to another?’s home at 1:30 a.m., pounded on their door in a threatening manner, then stood in the front yard creating more commotion than the dogs and ended up making more of a spectacle of themselves by acting this way. It is the responsibility of the board to encourage harmony within the neighborhood.

Most dog owners keep their pets for companionship and to protect family and property. Barking is how a dog communicates. It is there warning mechanism. I know that my dog only barks when there are unusual goings on in the area.

I would suggest to everyone that they try and communicate in a civil manner rather than go off half cocked or resorting to turning neighbors into code compliance, which should be a last resort.
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