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Welcome to the GENA website

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Hello everyone,
We have finally caught up to the rest of the internet world and created a neighborhood website. Hopefully we have enough neighbors who will be interested in contributing to the neighborhood by using this site as a forum for discussion on town or neighborhood issues. Let us know your comments and spread the word about our web page!

By Don Clements
GENA Website

This is great!

When you get a moment, can you add the website to the links, or call me with the user id and password, and I will also update the site with the newsletter.

Thanks for doing such a great job!

By Jody Moser
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This should help quite a bit!

I agree, this is a great idea.

I think neighborhood communication needs all the help it can get. In 4 years living in Glenwick we've only seen 4-5 newsletters and 4 of those we see 2-3 days before the annual meeting. (and we missed this year's meeting/potluck because we didn't catch the error in the date printed in the newsletter we received Wednesday ;-)

This appears to be new but I hope more people find it and use it. I'd also hope to see association information available here as well. Thing's such as officer listing, election results, association financials etc.

And here's a suggestion, in the newsletter comes the directory form that is a great place to capture an email address. A mailing list is a simple and a very quick way to communicate to the neighborhood. It's one more form of communication that's virtualy, if not completly free, to the association. With email, the frequentcy of contact can be almost unlimited so even if only 20% of the neighborhood was included, that's 20% of the neighborhood that can be touched much more than once a year. That could be a small step in the direction of increasing the level of involvement and the opportunity of increasing association/neighborhood activity.
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