Cottonwood Subdivision Homeowners Association

Door to Door Sales People

Posted in: Rowley Downs
What is the HOA's policy for people going door to door through out our neighborhood trying to sell us everything from new siding to magazine subscriptions.

Personally I feel that it is a nuisance. If I want to purchase these types of items or if I am interested in a product I will go to a store or look it up online.

I am tired of having to remove propaganda from my front door all the time from business trying to sell me junk.

I know Hidden River over by Iron Horse Elementary has signs stating the soliciting is not allowed in their neighborhood. Is this something that we need to do here?

By Steve

I agree it's a nuisance,  however I feel even if we did have an HOA policy on it, it would be ignored.  I have a "No Soliciting" sign next to my front door, in plain sight, and it is often ignored.

I have to agree. It'll be ignored. Big deal, just toss it, more like... recycle it, but if you don't want to look at it don't just throw it away. You're not going to stop them, HOA isn't going to stop them. It simply is what it is. No sense in getting worked up about it. 

This is often a difficult matter, as most door-to-door salesperson will ignore the signs. Most City ordinances require door-to-door salespersons to be licensed. When they come to your door, ask to see their city issued permit. If they cannot, call your local police department and they will be asked to leave the city.

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