Barking Dogs

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You say you know for a fact that the dogs only bark when other dogs walk by.  I question that.  People don't generally to go the trouble of creating a petition just for fun - it takes time and effort, and is not pleasant.


Your neighbors weren't cowardly; they were intelligent.  They know that usually going to the dog owner is futile.

So...let's make sure everybody want the person "with the issue" to ask you...""16 months"

You are clueless...

I tried many solutions to the dog barking issue. I have owned two dog. I tried the shock collar once, will never do again. I've recorded my 2nd dog barking an it i very short intervals, I did this for two weeks straight anytime I went out and he was alone. Conclusion, he barks as i leave for a minute then stops. every so often you catch a quick bark that lasts less than minute. My neighbor has repeatedly called the cops and animal control, my favorite is during my volunteer time,I worked at shelter he had called. I come home fromwork feeddog, walkdog,andtakea 15 minute drive andsoon as i gettoshelter neighborhad already calledsaying mydog has beenbarking an hour straight when my dog was not with me for a total of  15 minutes.

So you all knowing make these people lose their animals you tell me, EVERYONE with a complaint isa saint? How would you like to be told your baby cries all night, yo need to drop him a shelter because it's disturbing the peace? Because for some people a dog is family.


I've been more than compliant, I've done what I can, so unless you have some MIRACLE way to make a dog stop barking without causing him pain you tell me.

This lawsuit nonsense is just that, nonsense. Just more people wanting money at the expense of others, you should be ashamed of yourselfs.

I'm aware that some owners are irresponible but to stereotype all owners who havea dog that bark is just ignorant. When a person is trying they are trying, you can't expect a frakking miracle change of heart, and

you want to infringe on a freedom of companion animals?

You make me sick with your one sides linear thinking.

Put yourself in someones shoes.

Don't misinterpret, I'm not insulting you,merely asking you to look at both sides o the coin.


Last note, if the owner is negligent, whole different ball game.

The anonymous approach is pretty chickenshit when the neighbor leaves a poorly written, unformatted, profanity laced  letter. At least put a stamp on it if you are going to put it in my mailbox.  Is work so slow, you didn't have $.40? I know he's not an attorney, police officer or weightlifter, he's the fat ass electrician that wears spandex and runs his "corporation" out of his condo.  He tries to tell me that I am the reason that our property values are down is because of my dogs.  Yeah buddy, I caused the subprime fiasco and the credit crunch.  Blame the entire recession on me and my dogs.  Tell him I don't leave my dogs outside to bark, while I am inside watching TV.  If I am home, the dogs are inside.  If he were not too lazy or scared to come talk to me about my dogs barking, he would know that.  Nope instead he calls the police when the new neighbor's dog is barking and gives my address.  The cop laughed when he came to the door and said he had a report of a barking dog. My dogs were sitting there quiet, but if you listened you could hear the dog next door.  Really though Mr. Electrican, that dog was next door to me.  You know what I did?  I closed my sliding glass door.  I couldn't hear it.  I don't know how it could have bothered you enough to call the police since you are 500 feet away.  Close your windows, if you can still hear it over your tv.  Don't go call animal control and hand your neighbors the phone and ask them to make a complaint so it doesn't look like it's just you.  Funny that you called animal control the same night as the police and told them my dogs had been barking all summer.  We had eliminated the problem by summer.  I was home all of June and July and the dogs were never outside for more than two hours twice a week.  Don't lie to make your situation sound worse! I know the screenname is chickenshit as well, but he knows who I am.  Oh, I forgot he sent the same letter to multiple people, so maybe he doesn't know who I am.  I hope his truck isn't too comfortable in that illegal parking spot!

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