Roof shingles

Posted in: Franklin Lakes

I hate to keep complaining, but I am constantly appalled at the way our homes were built.  When I bought my house in July of o8, many of the shingles were loose and this was pointed out on the home inspection.  My realtor hired someone to fasten these shingles back down and so far they've been okay.  Four of my neighbors have replaced their roofs lately, and were very disappointed that the shingles didn't last longer.  It seems like poor quality shingles were used when the house was built.  Anybody else notice this?


By the way, does anyone know who the builder was originally?

If you go to the City building, where the old Key Bank used to be downtown on the second or third floor is a nice lady who email you the plat plan for your address. On the plat plan will also be the builders name. I found that my house was done by Sentry Homes, from the plat plan.

We've lived in 2 houses in this subdivision since 1998 and never had to replace any of our shingles. Gates built our second home and Crossman (now called Beaser Homes) built our first one.

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