Suing the HOA over weeds!!!!

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I just heard about this - I wonder if the person has ever attended a HOA meeting. Everytime we attend it is the topic of discussion and everytime the board replies - they are doing all that they can do by law. I for one do not want my HOA monthly dues going up due to some numnut who wants us to pay for every weed enfested yard to be cleaned by the HOA. I think they said it costs $200 every time they have to do it.  We have two on my street - I spray the weeds and they grow right back up in a week or two. Until the bank sells it and someone who cares - there is nothing I can do. I have stopped going to the HOA meetings, everyone just complains - and talks but does not listen!

According to state law all you can do is fine them. And if it is foreclosed - which the two on my street are probably there - we get no money from the fines and liens.


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Sueing the HOA is sueing our selves. Not too bright!!Undecided

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Poo, I just wrote a lengthy response and it got lost in cyber space.  If it shows up twice, sorry!  What i said was:

I agree that suing the HOA is pointless.  Their hands are tied; they can't legally force bank owned (foreclosed) houses to comply with weed removal.  I also understand Mr. Ravashiere's frustration.  He was at the HOA meeting a few months ago and he voiced his concerns about the weed problem and how it was depreciating our houses, etc.  While the HOA, I thought, did a very good job of explaining why they can't do anything about it as far as forcing the banks, etc., they completely dropped the ball on follow-up.

Suggestions were given for a way to tackle the weed problem.  It was decided that the HOA might rent a large dumpter for the community to use for community weed removal.  A dumpster showed up without ANY notice to the community from the HOA (I only found out about it after someone from the south side of the neighborhood emailed me and told me). 

The HOA needs better communication with us! I keep hearing about a much promised newsletter, but have yet to see one.  They need a website--not at N. Link--just a simple blog with annoucements, or even an email list, so people know what's going on! 

People want to be in contact with the HOA board members, but they are only available at meetings.  We need more follow up than every few months or whatever.  Ever tried leaving a message with Kachina?  I have!  Many times!  They don't bother calling back. 

And don't tell me to join the HOA board--I already have too many things on my plate as it is.  With the number of Board members already in place AND the people sitting in the Kachina office, I would hope that SOMEONE could get out a simple newsletter, blog, or email list!   

Okay, thanks for letting me rant.

Well I don't know who you called at Kachina but I have called twice (recently) and received a call back THE SAME DAY with an answer to my question.  Also, when I sent in my auto payment form to them I received a call from them notifying me they received it and we were good to go.  Also when I e-mailed regarding weeds that were taking over my neighbor's house I was notified via e-mail within a few hours that they had received it and they would send a notice to them and it was signed by a real person not just an "auto reply" so I have had VERY good communication with them in the past 6 months or so.

Second, on contacting board members, no offense, but they don't get PAID it is not a paid position you should contact Kachina (yes they DO respond to e-mails, I am living proof) and discuss with them or write down your question, comment, etc and give at the board meeting.

Third, why do we need a website?  This is FREE and works great (for those who would like to participate), for a website you're talking MORE MONEY which means HIGHER HOA DUES and frankly I for one do NOT want to pay higher dues to have a website when there are FREE websites (like this one) out in the world.  Thanks but no thanks.  Somehow I have done just fine e-mailing Kachina, calling Kachina, posting here, and mailing stuff to Kachina, and I can't believe I am the only special one.

Also, the dumpsters were promoted WIDELY on here.  If more people cared to "tune in" on here (which is what it is here for), there may have been more people, but unfortunately nobody does (even though the web address has been given in newsletters as well as at meetings for a good long time now), so yeah they were pretty much useless unfortunately.

I DO agree that a newsletter would be nice, but again, it doesn't seem like there is really much to report and with the increase in stamp prices, that does cut a large chunk of cash out of the budget, so I'm torn on that one.  The newsletters we used to receive were pretty pointless and a waste of paper and postage IMO.

There are definitely improvements that can be made, but IMO the improvements are out of the board's (and Kachina's) hands, things like Corridor 4, weeds, foreclosed homes, parking all over the streets, trash in yards, etc there is only so much that can be done legally, and there is only so much that can be done by people that work full time jobs, have families, but still do their best to help out the community (ie board members). 

Just seems like there are larger things in life (especially at the moment) to be complaining about other than weeds, weeds, weeds, and more weeds.  Home values are not declining because of weeds, they are declining because they're talking about building a FREEWAY through the subdivision, they're declining because gas prices are astronomical and NOBODY wants to spend $1,000 a month in gas to commute to their job in Phoenix everyday, they're declining because the economy SUCKS and money isn't going as far as it used to.  Trust me, housing prices are not in the toilet because of weeds for pete's sake.  Yes they look crummy, yes theire problematic, but for goodness sake there are more important things to be worrying about, complaining about, and getting fired up about at the moment.

Nobody and no organization is perfect nor will it ever be.

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