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Neighborhood Harassment

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I am writing this in response to numerous harassments by our surrounding neighbors. Since we've moved into this neighborhood the accusations and multiple sheriff calls have not stopped. I am dumb founded and perturbed as to why these neighbors think it's civil or just to continue with these notions. My family has gone through GREAT hardships with both of my parents becoming disabled, lack of financial restitution, and the inability to find adequate help from the government or any other source. A home is supposed to be a safe haven for families to come together and commune without disturbance or torment from the surrounding neighborhood. I am ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED at not only our neighbors, but also CHICA for condoning such a lack for human livelihood. It is sad to sad that my family who once found joy in living somewhere so beautiful can not wait to leave. I pray that none of our neighbors ever experience the deprivation and heartache which we have gone through living in this area. God Bless.

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What reason are your neighbors giving to the sherrifs when they call? Is there any truth to the accusations? Have you spoken with your neigbors to explain? If CHICA is condoning, you may be breakung Association rules.

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