Columbine Hills Civic Association


Posted in: Highline Gardens
People are letting there dogs out at night to do there business .And as a homeowner I dont like it . My kids play outside IF it does not stop we will stop it . People have sideyards.IF we see a dog out at night we will call the pound. There are leash laws
dog business

Any suggestions on alerting dog owners to be responsible also when their dog is on a leash and ''does their business'' while on a walk? It's getting pretty disgusting just about anywhere within and around the neighborhood. We all get newspapers in plastic bags which are easy to take along and use. One does not even need a poop scoop!

By dog owner
Be a good neighbor: dog control

We agree. Messes everywhere and constant whining and barking. Enough already! Be a good neighbor. Stop the noise, stop the messes.

By Anon.
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