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Hi Everyone,Well its 2008 and the speeding on Crosby rd still continues.
The school buses are going way to fast especily around 4 to 5 PM,on their way back to their bus yard.Last week I saw atleast 2 times when people are turning
into their drive ways,and came dam close to being rear-ended by a school bus.It was so close,I had to shut my eyes so as not to see whats going to happen.Luckly it didn't happen this time.BUT,is going to happen sooner or later!Someone needs to contact the school bus yard,and advise them to tell their bus driver's to slow down while driving on Crosby rd!!!!!!
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Speeding school buses pose a danger to the students and to residents.  You should record bus numbers, dates, and times, then forward that information to the principal of the school to ask him/her to inform the County.  Also, ask parents to raise commotion at PTA meetings.  We didn't have a near miss in our community, we had a school bus that turned over because the driver was going too fast when making a turn.  More than 20 students were taken to local hospitals.  Fortunately, none were seriously injured, but that was nothing short of a miracle. 

Marty Newman, President

Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills/Crestwood Community Association, Inc.


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