Boats and Trailers block view

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Boats and trailers on Leeds Road should be moved and be given a designated area where they can be stored. It blocks the view of the oncoming traffic, and you have get to the middle of the road to see if there is traffic coming from the other side.When the kids get off the bus or get on the bus there is a danger of the kids getting hit as the boats and trailers block the view. I hope some action will be taken before there is an major accident and lives are lost. Besides,the neighborhood looks trashy and cluttered with all the boats and trailers parked on the road.

By annoymous
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I agree

You are right, not only is it unsightly, it is very dangerous. From what I have been told, some of the vehicles don't even live here.
Attack of the Trailers

I agree that the proliferation of boat trailers and mobile trailers has gotten out of hand. I am sometimes think I live in a trailer park instead of a community of homes. The blind spots that some of these rather large trailers cause when pulling out of one's driveway is extremely dangerous. I even saw a homeowner cutting down the tree in front of their house the other day because it rubbed their trailer. Aren't the trees between the sidewalk and the street community property?
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i agree !


i am really annoyed at this ... it is a HUGE inconvience to all drivers and the children of the neighborhood !

we have this issue at tower bridge all of the way down at the end when you make the right on to wellesley ct .

a large camper and a trailer is always blocking your view so you could barley tell if any other cars and or children are around the corner !


something needs to be done why dont we just have them towed if was have alreday sent out flyers to owners stating that they must be removed ????

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