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Barking Dogs

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We just purchased a unit in this HOA. I noticed the sign that indicated that the HOA does not currently have a management company. Can somebody please let me know if there is some contact information for the HOA? Any help that will point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. 

wow all this sounds so

well  i live in a dog friendly complex in bergenfield called St James and myneighbors dog i named it the DEVIL. Now dont get me wrong,i Love the hell out of dogs,cats,etc

This Dog "THE DEVIL" whenevr the owner leaves the apartment for the day.well at approximately 7:00am,the dog starts scratching at the door,then the dog starts to howl then the dog continues with loud short barks...wait a minute.......the howls and barking continues at a rate of every 5-10 seconds from the time the owner leaves until the exact time the owner returns.This is no lie,no hype,the god honest truth,the Devil constantly and consistently barks,howls and scratches...other dog in our unit barks,but stops but this dog...every few seconds,all day until owner returns..I would really like some help too


What in the check makes you think that your neighbors should have to put up with your nuisance dog? If you want to hear your dog bark keep it in the house with you. If you want to be a "Good Neighbor" stop infringing on their right to Quiet enjoyment of their property. My suggestion to your neighbors is to pool their money, hire and attorney and file a law suit until you can no longer afford to defend it, giving you the option to get rid of the dogs or move.

It is absolutely rude, insensitive, selfish and inconsiderate to inconvenience your neighbors with a barking dog. If you can't manage your animals don't own them.

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Can someone please tell me what the hours a dog can bark and wake me up everyday???? I have gone over 3 times and was nice yesterday I blew my lid. Darn thing just barks because they won??™t let him back in lazy owners!!!!! Thank god for RING he came to my door and yelled at me like I was wrong errrr!!!!! I think he is letting that thing crap in my yard I am going to instal a camera and then start crapping in his yard lol not!!!
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