Cleland Heights/Latimer Estates Civic Assn.


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Hey all, I grew up in the area and have to say, moving back in after years away was an eye opener.  Things have changed, I have to say, the thought occured to me - Why not go into the city of Wilmington proper?  A lot of the complaints/concerns here will be solved in a way... Neighbor's trash piling up because he doesn't want to pay for it - city trash pick up is free.  Code enforcement a problem?  I know NCC has a code just like the city, but the city is more strict in actual enforcement of it (i.e. cops are going to stop that person with dog off leash or call someone in).  I know there are taxes involved, but ask yourselves this - How much can I save on water, sewere fees, and trash?  Trash is free in the city, and city water rates are much cheaper than Artesian, as are sewere fees cheaper in city than county... I know historically surrounding areas have not been fond of annexation, but I think it may be time for us to look hard at this as a neighborhood and ask to finally be part of the city we're so obviously a part of in EVERY other way...

And as if the timing wasn't any better... Snow removal - ALSO FREE in the city Wink

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