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Change KC Pet Policy: Allow Medium Pets

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I have tried to contact the city departments and representatives to get my voice heard. I want the City Ordinance adjusted to allow medium domestic pets in Kansas City in residential locations - such as but not limited to Pot Belly Pigs.

However, the city departments and representatives have stated they will not pursue this change since they have received no additional feedback from others. If anyone is interested in learning more, please view the website:

There is also a facebook account:


Any help or support would be much appreciated.



Heather Rabideaux

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i would also start a petition on the subjectfor a round your area as well.

don't just do one thing we all know kansascity well, if you don't provide more over then the requirements some times it don't help unless you do give reason. ask them whats the difference between your animal then any other animal. its not like a pig can attack a person


{think's-- well not all pot belly pigs will, never know these days. Iv'e seen a rabbit use the tolet so yea}


or what have ya besides i have seen residents of kc. have ducks, geese, gooses, doves in the back yards.


Let them know mo is famous for farming and farm shows, they do put on events for such animals.


and if i am not mistaken, my older sister had a pot belly pig in the area of kc her self,

like 4 to 5 years ago before she moved to Colorado. it was fenced in and took care of.

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