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Miles Rd.

Posted in: Radnor Green
Just a question of concern. On Miles Rd, on a curve I might add... There is a basketball goal sitting on the grassy medium between the street and the sidewalk that looks like it could tip into the street with a good wind, which has been sitting there for a couple seasons.. Is that acceptable or safe? I thought this should be in our codes handout, as in no unregistered vehicles, cars parked on grass etc... I am concerned is all... call me a nosey neighbor :) But I am harmless...

By Nosey Neighbor
remove all basketball nets

i think all street type BB nets should be outlawed. the people playing are so rude and ignorant they will hardly get out of the way or take their good old time getting out of the street so our car can pass by.and its not only kids.its a shame our development has to put up with such disrespectful people. after all the streets were made for cars not basketball courts or playing hockey,ect. lets ban them !
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