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speed bumps

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hooray for ashbourne hills for getting rid of the speed bumps.maybe our president will lobby the state to get rid of radnor greens.
speed bumps

My understanding is they were removed for repaving only and have already been reinstalled.

I agree that I personally don't like speed bumps but many people do. We would need more community input regarding this to determine what everyone wants before we would investigate if having them removed is even possible.

The civic assoc. meets monthly at the Brandywine schoold district building. There is a notice of the meeting posted on the entrance island several days ahead of time. If this is something you feel strongly about please try to attend a meeting and let us know.
vote out speed bumps

lets have a vote on getting rid of the low class way of dealing with speeders. maybe you could put a ballot in the next news letter and we could vote for or against speed bumps.and if the majority wants them out,lets do it.RG survived for 20 plus years with out them.
Speed Bumps Makes Sense

I hate the speed bumps too but they are actually doing some good. They keep people from using our neighborhood as a shortcut from Darley to Harvey and vice-versa instead of taking Philly Pike. Which in turn keeps our neihborhood cleaner, quieter and safer. I agree though let's vote, but let's also list the pros and cons for everyone to review.

By Jeff
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