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noise level laws

Posted in: Radnor Green
I'm and older neighbor who lives on Wentworth Dr. Just wondering what the noise level law is if any. There is a neighbor who has a silver cobra and a yellow mustang. When they start the cars the exhust is so loud it can wake you right out of a sound sleep and they fly down the street and through the neighborhood you can hear the cars as they go down Glenrock. They also, keep a commercial vehicle parked outside the house on the street. They are a 5 car household with 3 drivers and leave no parking for anyone else. Is there anything that can done. Thank you.

I would try county complaint

Unfortunately I don't think there is much that can be done. Unless they are creating a public nuisance with the noise (after 10 PM I believe) there isn't much that can be done. I would try the county complaint number 302-395-5555. They will keep your complain anonymous. It is probably your best chance to get anything done.

It's a shame people can't be more concientious about their neighbors and the impact their actions have on everyone around them.
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