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Going Green With Miss Christine :)

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Dear Friends and families of Castle Rock,                                                                                        2008


My name is Christine. I live in Castle Rock with my husband and 4 children.

I also work at a local pre-school here in our town. I am sure you would all agree that

keeping our neighborhood, and our planet, a safe and healthy place for our children is extremely important,

even crucial, to us all. I too feel this is important. As a mother, and as a human being who just cares, I felt I

had to do something to help.

This fact lead me to gather information about recycling, and living a more environmentally

friendly lifestyle! All of the information I gathered was from our town's website:, and by

calling local trash services like Waste Management's Recycle America: at 1-800-894-2528 or 303-399-6351. (Please call the service you decide to use to check for guidelines and changes). Not only did I start recycling in my home ,but I also helped the pre-school I work for to start recycling as well.

And now I am excited to share this information with all of you! Let us be an example to our

children, to our neighbors and to our state. Recycling is currently not a law in the state of Colorado,

however, it is a law in many states already. Recycling has been a law for over 10 years in many states! Let

us do what is right just because it is the right thing to do, not because we are being forced to do it. I realized

that although many of us may know "why" we should all do our part in ensuring a healthy future for our

children (and our planet), but what we may not know is: What, When, Where and How! So here it is:


*What can be recycled?

Plastics with the recycle sign on it, (numbered from 1 to 7). Also, Glass, paper, news paper, card

board, magazines, phone books, junk mail, and aluminum cans. (Check with your trash co. for details).

*When does the recyclable trash get picked up?

This varies depending on your trash company. I found they usually pick it up bi-weekly. If you

drop off your recyclable trash it can be done anytime! There are many free drop-off locations in our

neighborhood. (See the list below). Check out their specific recycling guidelines before you begin.

*Where can I bring my recycle trash? Again this answer varies depending on where you live,

and what is most convenient for you. I have provided a list of some of the places, and companies you may

choose from to meet your recycling needs.

*How do I recycle? Most places do not require your recyclable trash to be separated. Just rinse

out recyclable trash, when applicable, and keep it in a can or bag in your kitchen until your disposal date.

Most trash companies will pick it up from your curb every other week for about $3.85 a month! Or you can

drive it over to one of the many local drop off locations listed below for free.





*FREE* Drop off locations:

-Rock Ridge Elementary School 400 N. Heritage Rd.

-Mc Donald's on Park Street 1800-894-2528

-Academy Charter School 1551 Prairie Hawk Drive

-South Metro Fire Station 421 Castle Pine Pkwy.

*One Bin for everything*




Refuse Management: 303-646-4132 / NO EXTRA COST/Bi-Weekly pick up

Waste Management: 303-797-1600 /$3.75 mos/ Bi-weekly pick up

Canyon Waste: 303-688-8780 /NO EXTRA COST/ Weekly pick up

M&M Trash: 303-646-4414 /$3.85 mos/Bi-weekly pick up

Suburban Waste/Haulaway: 303-683-8887 /$3.85 mos/ BiWeekly pick up

* If we all do a little, it will mean a lot!

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