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I haven't lived in this neighborhood long, but I"ve been here long enough to know I want to make some changes. On one side of your street, the houses are kept up and the land is nice, then on the other side of our street, it looks very run down. Isn't there something we can do to keep our neigborhoods looking nice? Isnt there an association or something that can say, "Hey, clean up your trash"! I love our neigborhood b/c it's quiet and comfortable, but sometimes it's embarrassing. I also wish we had sidewalks. And it would be nice if people parked in thier driveways instead of our streets. I just wish we could make it nicer around here.

One thing I love about this neighborhood is that there are not too many people who stick their noses whre they don't need to be.  Yes, I agree there are some homes that are not very nice to look at.  We should be offering to help, there must be a reason it has become over whelming for this person.  Ask them if they would like some help in something specific.  If it is a job too large for you and your family and or immediate neighbors, there are always people around like myself who volunteer at the drop of a hat.  Come down to the meetings on the first Tuesday and express an interest for a clean up crew.  Be a part of the solution. See what happens.

About the sidewalks, it's just not going to happen. I have asked and tried. I am more than willing to give up a portion of my front yard.  We don't bring in enough tax money for a city project like this.  It's the same story with the constant busted water lines. So I maintain walking down the sides of the streets whenever possible.  It's a shame you have to wait for an accident to happen. 

"If you can't be a good example, be a horrible reminder" Aird

I agree.  I love living in this neighborhood but some people just don't care if their property looks decent and clear of junk.. And someone needs to say clean up your trash or you can be fined.. No one wants to look at a buch of junk sitting in the yard. It is a real eysore and embarrassing when you have people over.  The neighbor is quiet and I love my neighbors but I too wish we had sidewalks because it is dangerous to walk since the cars around here act like it is a speedway when the speed limit is 25miles per hr.  I too think we need more speed limit signs up to remind people to drive slower.  And I agree people should be respectful and park in their driveways not the street or their yard.  I also think that the association should say it is not right for people to ruin their yards by parking in their yards when they have a driveway.   One Idea for starters would be to put in the Chaumiere Newsletter to Please clean up your yards front and back of junk and clutter or you will be reported to the city. It would make our neighbor hood look so much nicer if people would. If anyone else has ideas then I hope they will help.

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