Barking / Nuisance Dogs

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What I've been told is for you to video or use your audio and record them barking then they will do something about it.

Dog barking, loose dogs and loud cars are a staple in Amarillo. I have neighbors who let their dog bark for hours. I called animal control and they won't do anything unless I file a complaint. I don't want neighbor issues, I just want the dog to shut up and the neighbors to be courteous. I am so fed up with all of the noise that is allowed in this town. Ridiculous. I have a right to my peace and quiet at my own home and I totally agree with are right on. This city needs to do something. There is an ordinace for all of the above issues that I have addressed, but nothing is done, so it keeps happening. When it starts hitting the owner's pocketbook, it would stop. It would be a great money maker for the city. 

I hear you. I actually had a dog I couldn't stop from barking, so I put a bark collar on her. I don't like shocking, but.... Then I found a neighbor that would stand across the street and call her by name, which caused her to bark, which shocked her, which caused him to laugh hysterically!


Anyway, after lots of years of taking my grandchild to the bus stop, I figure out WHY! Why do so many dogs bark constantly!? It's because their owners "reward" them for barking without knowing it. That stupid scolding they do, the dog thinks is praised! "Oh, you silly dog, STOP barking, come on stop it now! You're so silly! Stop barking!" One of my three barks every time my neighbor walks down her driveway to the street to get her mail We have yet to figure out why. HOWEVER, if you were standing on the front porch, you'd never hear her, even with the windows open!


I had a guy walk up to my back porch and we started talking about barking dogs. I asked him if he heard mine barking? He looked at my quizzacally and said, "You have "A" dog?" I said, "You heard one dog or one bark?" "One and a half barks." I laughed and said there were three dogs and maybe it was one and a half barks. But that was all! I think it's because they heard me talking to him. But usually one dog will start, then the next will try and outdo them, then the next.... But mine were trained to NOT BARK, drives me crazy.


I also have another set of neighbor's who sound like they're beating the poop out of their German Shepard. I just don't know what can be done around here about it. I know my nextdoor neighbors would back up a backing dog complaint. One of my other neighbors would, too... 

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