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In a Doylestown, PA mobile home park whre I live, there is a little pomeranian who has made lives hell for years. The woman and her wife just throw the dog outside for hours. Cops were called several times. They just sit and see if it is barking for 15 minutes without provocation, then talk to them. Last January ('13), it was 12 degrees with windchills in the negatives for a week, and this poor little dog was outside barking for hours. Summer is worse with the teenage daughter home on her PC all day at the other end of the house- hours on end barking. BCSPCA was called. "We drove by, didn't hear it... oh, I can't drive by after 5 pm or weekends." That's when it is out! Human Society was called, too. This poor neglected dog just barks for hours, sometimes at the back sliding glass door, where all can see the owners sitting in front of the tv, ignoring it. Half the neighbors want to end it any way possible, the other half want to take it and give it a home it deserves. Meanwhile, night shift workers have lost jobs, not being able to sleep... people have slept in their living rooms in the center of their units to muffle it... other dog owners have to calm their own dogs in response to this dog barking... and a handful of elderly or sick tenants are spending the last years of their lives in pure hell.. it can be heard as much as 50-75 yrds away...  and the owners say "MY dog, MY property, MY business" (and a few curse words thrown in). Park management can't be bothered. Oh, and the owner is an EMT! Hope when I need an ambulance ride, this service doesn't come to transport me, being that she's such a humanitarian!!! LOL!

We live in a time when everyone is out for themselves and could care less if something they are doing annoys their neighbors.  Added to that is that people have dogs to keep their dogs company and dogs have become people and humans have become "pet parents'.  I love dogs but not at the expense of humans.  Dogs and children used to disciplined and taught to respect others but that is long gone. Our once calm canal home has been invaded by barking dogs and I have gone to those neighbors and politely and calmly begged them to understand how the peace and quiet is now gone due to their dogs being allowed to bark on and on.  It falls upon selfish deaf ears.  What has happened to Code Enforcement?  Shouldn't there be a dog barking ordinance?

i live in central, and have the same problem- You sound like me! complaining to my husband. I understand that if the decibel level is within a certain range- nothing can be done. What to do.!

Ummm... I've got a feeling this neighborhood is in the Salisbury/Wicomico County Maryland area. Please correct. Thanks.

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