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ther are people parking on the curved areas in the sherman commons that should not be aloud due to safety factors involed , one there are childern riding bikes and other toys that a person might not see when trying to manover arond the parked vehicle, it also may cause an accident due to some of the drivers that live here and visitors that drive way to fast in our addition . Ifeel this should not be aloud it is bad enough on the straight street. ALSO I CONTACTED THE PERRY TOWNSHIP SCHOOL BOARD TRASPORTATION DEPT. ABOUT THE SCHOOL BUSES DRIVING 40 MPH. THROUGH THE SHERMAN COMMONS ADDITION . IF EVERYONE WHO SEES THESE INFRACTIONS WOULD REPORT THEM IT WOULD HELP TO MAYBE STOP THEM FROM HAPPENING???? THANK YOU TONY D.

You must be bored. Get over it. Not everyone can park in the drive way and I never seen a school bus "speeding over 40 MPH" through our neighborhood!..LOL... Maybe because I do not own a RADAR GUN like you do!!!...Like I said, get over your self! and find something else to do rather than trying to find "company". Like the old saying "Misery loves company".....

I agree that something needs to be done about all the cars that park in the street something bad is going to happen. Especially since we have a lot of people in this addition that can't drive. I know this has been brought up before and nothing has been done. Do something befor something bad happens. MFJ 2017.
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