More opportunities = less crime

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Has anyone ever noticed the vast number of people who appear to be unemployed in our neighborhood? 


More initiatives are needed in our area to increase the number of opportunities available.  More jobs can equate to less crime. 


Regardless of one's abilities and credentials, no job = no money, no money = greater potential for crime.


This is a simple equation that our community must acknowledge and take measures to change in order to make a difference.


Charities for Change, Inc. is dedicated to offering solutions to this dilemma.  We are working on new initiatives that will begin building a network of support to individuals in crisis as well as those who want to continue their education, but can't afford to do so.


We invite you to pledge your support whether it be donating unused or unwanted items, volunteering your time, or offering a small donation to help our initiatives. 


In addition to our Community Garden initiative that will increase the yield of local produce, we also have an eWaste initiative to help increase awareness of the potential dangers of improper disposal of electronics, as well as a free grocery delivery service for local senior citizens.


If you are interested in becoming part of our solution to increase the standard of living in our community, please feel free to contact us at


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