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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and the organization I have founded. My name is Lynetta Mason and I am the Founder of Charities for Change Inc.  As the single parent of four, I am fully aware that one person's minor setback can be another person's life-altering crisis. Homelessness and underemployment are rampant in this economy and without a strong support system, a family can quickly realize devastation.

My mother, Dr. Loistean Mason, passed away in April 2003 as the result of a tragic car accident, but she had the opportunity to instill some wonderfully unique values in me before she transcended.  She taught me that the real joy in life came from helping others.  She inspired me to want to make life better for my children and their children, but to also care about others. 

I was privileged enough to work very closely with my mom during the mid-90s on a program that she founded called "Cornerstone Academy of Excellence."  Although her vision for Cornerstone was to host the program in a rural area where at-risk youth could learn how to raise livestock and cultivate the land, she purchased a nine bedroom home and started the program with teenage mothers who were wards of the court.  At that time, there was a great need for fosterparents who were willing to take teenage mothers with their infants so she stepped in to fill that void.

She worked avidly towards raising funds to support the program and found many sponsors in the community for support.  Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful in securing enough funds to realize her vision, but she did pass that vision on to me. She was a very loving and compassionate woman who struggled to make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and I am just as passionate about bringing her vision to life.

In her memory, I decided to establish an organization that would serve those who have limited resources and little support.  I founded Charities for Change to provide support and temporary assistance to individuals in crisis as well as those who are continuing their education. 

I encourage you to look inside of yourself and find your passion.  Should you find an interest in achieving sustainability or helping those who are underprivileged, struggling to keep their homes, or continuing their education we invite you to join our efforts. 

Our #1 goal is to establish a strong and dependable support system for friends and families in our community.  We are striving to make changes in the standard of living and achieve sustainability for future generations.  Please consider how you can help us make a change for the better in these times of economic distress.  Change begins with you and me striving to make a difference.

You will see a transformation in our community as we implement new programs and initiatives that will help strengthen our community and improve our standard of living.  If you are interested in helping Charities for Change Inc make a difference in your community, please contact me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!



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