The Rotating Gate Code

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Are you one of the unfortunate homeowners who's had to put up with calls from the gates from complete strangers for an entire month because people forget to 'push #' before dialing the code? or they just don't dial the code quickly enough. (lot 075 was most recent, lot 065 in June, Lot 085?? It's your turn this month.) Poor souls!!! How frustrating is that? Our Gates are currently capable of holding up to 250 unique codes. No upgrades would be required to assign each unit a PERMANENT CODE. Would you like to have your very own, personal, permanent code? Voice your opinion.
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rotating gate codes

I am not in favor of this proposal as permanent personal codes can easily be passed on from people to people who may or may not make proper use of it, with the risk of everyone in the neighborhood potentially having to pay consequences for the improper use of these codes.
The Rotating Gate Code

In my opinion, this is not a valid argument/concern. Or at the very least, it is an unjustified, paranoid concern. If a non-resident, with malicious intent, wants to get into our neighborhood, they will get in. Code, or no code. I hate to burst your vision, but our gated community is not a fortress. In my opinion, the gates keep down 'passer-by traffic', which is nice, I admit. But security? Again, if someone wants to get in, they will get in. Have you noticed how high the clearance is under the exit gate on Cooper? A well trained Limbo dancer could shimmy under it without a problem, not to mention those who don't 'Limbo' very well. I guess they'll just have to duck and crawl. The Rotating Gate Code needs to go.
Rotating Gate Code

I completely agree with Curtis. Many other communities have individual gate codes for each residence. I would like to see that policy implemented here. We could keep the separate code for service providers to use and we could change our personal codes annually for security purposes. If someone wants to get in it is not difficult at all. We have all seen cars waiting to sneak in behind another car at one time or another. I don't think that the rotating codes will do anything to deter that from happening.
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