The Rotating Gate Code

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The Rotating Gate Code

It happen to us in the past and suffer for couple weeks. Although I'm in favor of permanent code my understanding is that the current system doesn't have the technology required.

In the last week it appears the # button at the Cooper gate works intermittently, pretty pathetic.

Maybe it is time for a new gate that is more pleasing to the eye and actually works.
Rotating gate code

I am all for assigning a gate code to each residence.

We have been on the wrong end of the call from the gate WAY too many times (at all hours).

The gate doesn't stop anyone that wants in!


FYI, I spoke with the Park Pro tech one afternoon, and asked him how many codes our gate could hold...  he didn't know off the top of his head, so he opened the call box to look at the 'equipment' inside and he told me it was capable of holding 250 codes, as it was.  No upgrades would be required to assign each residence their own code.  We have 189 lots in Countryside Estates, that would leave 61 open slots to accomodate for a Vendor code, UPS drivers, Real Estate agents, etc... 
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