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The time has come for change and transparency by this Board.  We need to cut cost and analyze our spending in the past and current spending habits in order to assure a stable future for this community.


Do you really belive they are spending the money correctly. Just look at this place, why dont they paint now for over 12 years. Do they want it to fall apart? Do they want Condemnation? The answer may be YES.


So when Rory does work he gets a salary but have you ever realized that we might be paying twice for the same work? When a vender does work have you ever realized that the bill could be padded?


The lawyer bill is so big they have to lie about it and keep this community in the dark like always!






Ask what to these; THEY WONT ANSWER ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012 Budget

*Easement Monies- How and Why

*Condo Sale 27K- wheres the Income

*Special Assessment Interest over two years- Wheres the money and Income

*Loss of condo sale 47K or a Lawyer bill- Your right to know

*How can the Utility Audit be over 100K in October then almost nothing in December?

*Why are the numbers so far out in left field in the Budget

*How can you spend over 5K on Clubhouse Electric year after year then spend almost nothing

*Where is the 20% share of cost of the Lift Station from Broad ridge ramparts- how and when do they pay?

*Many and many other errors tracked and documented six years

*Who the hell is writing this budget are why are they so Ignorant to it's members


It is obvious that the Board of Directors belives that no one will ever look at it and has made a number of mistakes.

Did anyone see the budget released at the begining of 2013.  As usual, they only show til Oct 2012, even though it's 2013. That's only 10 months of information at the annual. What are they trying to hide?


Yes its quite the mess this year as Denise has surely failed to review this budget as well as the board before being released.  Only an ape in a cave who cant add would pass it to be the real thing.


Do numbers lie? see below





We dont need to paint the buildings ?????? we should let them fall apart and really have a big mess on our hands!  Ever wonder why they ignore the outside of the buildings and spend all the money on landscaping, irrigation, pond,parking lot etc. Do they know the wood is falling apart from no paint in 12 years??????????????????


Take some time out to check out all the documents on this website and learn about this HOA. You will find that this Website is chock full on issues going back to 1995. Just click on Pages and Documents to get started. Highline Fellows has always held to "Truth" and has presented the facts during the last 6 years. Now it's 2013!!!



 Do numbers lie? see below


We have a dysfunctional Board ;See below the "Dark Side of HOA's"


Do your part and report this activity to DORA by filling out the complaint form below








Why does BRC not post that they manage Highline Meadows??????????



March 2012- Now that the Board has selected BRC as the new Management company with Denise Haas, it would appear that we are still going in the wrong direction with Denise at the wheel leading the sheep into the field just with a new company behind her.


Denise is very wise to the board and the board will follow her wherever she goes since this community has no say in the matter. Its just business and there is nothing we can do about it. No one cares.....................................................about Highline Meadows. We are nothing more than sheep in a field. I  wish it were different..

 As of July 4th 2012 they still have not provided new HOA dues bills as people have to use the old TMMC tickets.  This is a great indication of a poorly ran organization at BRC. To make matter worst some how our property values are being taken down by our HOA.  They sold 130 East highline circle #308 (two Bedroom) for 27K to KRAMER, CALVIN J and did not offer the unit for sale or the best market price.  Sounds like a good buddy deal. Why did our HOA allow this?

Wow, and now they say they lost $47,702 on a lost of condo sale...What is going on?

 YOU CAN FILE A COMPLAINT- BRC is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado


HOA Information and Resource Inquiry and Complaint Form




It would appear that all the efforts by the community to get this process moving have resulted in a grassroots effort to get away from the past and step ourselves into the future.


We still need Justice.  We still have no Vote.  We did not select the management company TMMC or BRC or the Board of Directors.  The Board will not answer where the money has been used in the past! They hide the financial s for 11 months on our Highline Meadows secured Website and don't let anyone see them. Shame on You!


Don't ask where the money has been used! And dont expect ant correspondence with the board of directors since they ignore all our emails requests or never answer the questions fully.


Dont Ask where the Interest "extra monies" are from the special assessment payment system since this is extra money above above and beyond the special assesment 1.5 million dollars........gee where did it go?


We understand that the current owners are not interested in any attempt to overthrow this board and there positions are cemented along with BRC and Denise.   Some People have not given up.   Right now, The community does have a say in what happens to our future. 


* As of Feb 2012 the Highline Meadows Website is 7 Months out of date on the Minutes and Financial.



*Now the website contains some but not all of the information and is 3 months behind as of November 1, 2012.


Despite Our property values falling over 65% and Highline Meadows starting to get fixed we are still falling apart as we continue to pay special assessments and high HOA dues.


The paint and porches are cracking and chipping as the Board of Directors ignore the paint for over 10 years and spend all the money on Landscaping, pool and clubhouse.


We are the poster children for HOA's gone "A Muck" as we are being taken to the cleaners with wool over our eyes and we cant do anything about it.


Some People still care about our money, future and homes at Highline Meadows- Join Them Today

We need the Board of Directors to provide “ Full Disclosure” of the Actual HOA Monies being used in each category. Details of this “Full Disclosure” would include where, when and how the monies were used for such things as;


Common Area Maintenance, Drywall, Plumbing, HVAC, Paint, Misc Maintenance, Electric at Clubhouse, Pump Lift Station, Pool, Clubhouse expenses, Laundry Room expenses, Cell Phone, gas, Snow removal, Exterminator, Carpet and floor, Lights, Security and Exit, Parking lot, Balconies, Landscaping, Pond, Tree trim, Fence, Lawyer cost, Maintenance Man hourly wage and management BRC company Cost and Profit.


It is up to the Board of Directors to provide us with the Insurance details and information regarding coverage, for such things as, water main back-ups, lift station pump failures, Roof Leaks, Drywall (Asbestos) and HVAC Boiler replacements in the Condo buildings.



Even our maintenance person can Do most of the plumbing work and rent a snake from a local facility and do it. But we would rather spend it on third party contractors. :Like  a huge Business!!  And when the buildings need paint..........Like everything around here ....they don't have the money because they already spent it, therefore nothing will be done "like always". 


At what point do you ask how long can the building survive without paint as they chip away?? Then ask yourself why anyone would allow this to happen.


Only this "special assessment" brought in the monies  for the roofs otherwise it would affect there "set budget" which is on "auto pilot" to deduct the cash from our accounts and assure that we have "nothing left" at the end of the year "just like the last 12 Years".


Have you ever asked why they would do the roof but ignore the mansards. And now Are the going to have to remove the edging of the new roof to put on the mansard?


We should still consider a "Class Action Lawsuit". for all the years of not spending the money correctly.

  • Breach of Contract
  • Tort - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Injunction, Declaratory Action, or Damages


We have presented the questions and have no answers. "How can you bring in 1.5 Million Dollars at the beginning of Jan 2011 and put it all in the 2011  budget.  Then show an accounts receivable of 1.2 million. Why was none of these monies ever shown used in the month of Jan 2011. Where did the money go? Over $$$$$$$$$200K????????????????????????????????


This is why we cant trust these people with our money and need serious help. To make matters worse this is just one small example of how the "books don't make sense" and the "monies are floating all over with no control or accountability".


Most Prior years You cant make "heads or tails" out of the Budget and the Monies.



So, are we really "suing ourselves" with a class action lawsuit.  The answer is "NO" because we "don't have any vote" or say in "way our monies are currently being used", or "how  the budget  is written" or special assessments imposed.


Therefore, in order for this community to gain control of this total neglect of responsibility, and to assure property values are maintained.  The complex needs to run more efficiently, cost effective and in a 1st class order.


One possible answer is to "take the Board of Directors and  prior management company TMMC to court and let the Judge decide".  If we do not do this we will remain on the same path with "no say" in our property as we will continue paying outrageous dues and special assessments which would only show small change (Capitol Repair) over a long period of time (5 years).


Attending the meetings will not stop this board because we cant reach "Quorum" as a community. To make matters worse, they will not answer the questions and have "lied to this community" and have a "hidden agenda" that they are not sharing.


We are being "held by this dictatorship" who we did not vote for and they are taking advantage of us as "Poor Sheep in a Field" ......all the way to the bank. It's business as usual and "you cant change it".


The accounts Receivables has been as high as 325K after the 2008 special Assessment, we have always had very high A/R over 200K since special assessments of 2007. As a matter of fact look at the graph below and see that it barely moved in 2010 while our cash on hand was in the negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Say What?????????


As far as the budget, there is always a run on the monies at the end of the year as we seem to be left with nothing for the new year.


Your absolutely right there is something wrong!


I wish more people would question their outrageous spending and inflated budget.


Until these board of directors pick up a calculator and learn to add and subtract and really see where the money was going, we could be in for more of the same with BRC at the wheel.


A huge business and money squandering operation here at Highline Meadows.


BRC writes the budget and the Board signs off on it. No questions asked........ No community Vote is taken on spending or Budget. Leave it up to them and we will always be broke with nothing but buildings that are unpainted with spliting wood and ruined mansurds. On the bright side at least the landscaping will look good.




Even a small group of owners can issue a class action lawsuit.


If this is not done we may not have a chance or any hope left.





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