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Parking Change

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I noticed that each townhouse on Wheeled Caisson now has two reserved parking spots.  This was done as part of the seeling.


Looks like the board implemented the parking plan that so many owners came out agaist a couple of  years ago.  I never received any notice of this change.  If this is like the plan that got shot down before each home will soon be getting a one visitor parking pass.  Any cars parked in visitor spots with out the passes will be towed.  And there will be very few visitor spots.


This will create a huge parking problem.  Almost all spots will now be reserved.  When you have visitors over they will have to park on the street.


Why would the board do this without any notification?  Part of the reason I bought in Cedar Lakes was because permits were not needed for parking.  It is such a pain to have to give your guests a parking pass and then get it back when they leave.  This will create a parking shortage where one didn't exist before.

This is very intresting news.


The board does not tell us anything anymore. You have to attend a meeting or you will not know what is going on. Once upon a time they sent out newsletters to keep us informed. But they have learned that the sheeple cannot protest what they do not know is planned.

They no longer post a reminder board to tell residents of the meetings because they do not want you to be there when they vote.


The board does what it wants... not what the people want. The president even said so at the meeting 2 years back when we all protested the parking issue.


So when will I get my two assigned spaces??


We need to fire the entire board and cancel the contract with Armstrong Management. Dealing with any of them is a nightmare.



Actually I was wrong.  Apparently Wheeled Caisson always had two spots reserved per house.  They left everything as is.  2 spots reserved per house on Wheeled Caisson, 1 spot per house elsewhere.


I'm glad I was wrong.  I like that there is plenty of open parking here.  Hopefully this never changes.

OK, Good to know!


Ya, we have to keep an eye on what the board does. I was thinking that none of the board members live in that area so they would not benefit from such a change.


I do know that the neighborhood will not stand for such a change in parking. Two years ago was very proof of that when we all packed the room and protested their idea of parking permits. I think they have been given "notice" that we will fight if they try.


The last proposed parking change was being pushed because it would be in the best interest of the treasurer who needed a dedicated spot for her husbands truck. She tried to say many people could not find parking but she would never give us a number how actually wanted permits.  We all know the number was two....  her... and her hubby.

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