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Hello everyone!


I am thinking of purchasing at Carr at Cedar Lakes but really would appreciate and value current residents' opinions.


I'm curious about the quality of building - are the walls paper thin?


Are the residents friendly to each other, overall? Are the number of quality-residents substaintailly higher than the number of "punks" around? :)


Why, oh WHY, are there no powder rooms/ 1/2 baths on the main living/kitchen level of both models I've looked at. (Vanderbilt model and unsure of the other model name.) ?? Has anyone added a bathroom to that level? Since we have small children, we'd have to add a bathroom to that level or else that'd be a deal breaker. (Anyone who has raised kids will definitely understand what I'm talking about. :) )


Thank you so much for your candid opinion. I really do appreciate anything you can share.



I cannot tell you about the building quality....  but the area is great!   The original owners had kids and they are now becoming teenagers. Overall... not a problem in our community but they are here and they can make noise.


But living in the small community is very nice and most of the people are friendly as you seem to pass the regulars  as you walk around.


There was a time when people were knocking on the doors asking the homeowner if they wanted to sell. And I am serious!


This is a very popular place to live since it is so convenient to everything.

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