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I am besides myself.  Someone is allowing their dog to poop on my lawn.  This usually happens early in the morning hours before I head out to work but I am normally getting ready around that time so I miss it EVERYTIME.  Should I purchase a camera?  If so, which one should I buy and where should I get it?    HELP

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Well, I'm being falsley accused of not picking up my dogs poop. I wish the person who keeps complaining to the HOA would confront me while I'm out walking the dogs-- I would wave the fresh bag of poop in front of their face and say, "Do you think I'm carrying this aroud for fun??" Wink

Get the camera.  Ask the people on Benjamin Hill with the six camera's mounted on their townhouse where they got theirs. Might be Costco.

Get a motion activated camera. They have a few that hunters use to photograph deer in the woods.


They work great!!  I have caught a few people on mine doing other stuff like littering in my yard. They cost between 50 and 100 bucks. Well worth it! Go to Dicks Sporting goods around the corner.

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