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Ultrasonic dog/animal motion sensor

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The owner of one of the townhouses on Benjamin Hill Ln. recently put up an ultrasonic animal repellant thing in his front yard.  The problem is that this device makes a piercing high-pitched noise that is very audible to my ears.  I am sure that other neighbors will probably complain soon, but what can be done to stop this?  The device goes off with any motion in the vicinity of his sidewalk, and is an incredible nuisance for neighbors and dog-owners alike.

Read up on the county code regarding noise violations here:




Then call the police and report the violation!!


What is the specific address and is the sound device visible to people walking by?

Oops....  Chapter 108 is where you need to look. The link will not take you that far.

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I just found this website - I find it very refreshing to know there are many concerned residents along Cedar Lakes.


This townhome owner who had the bug repellent - must be the same guy who asked that I walk my dog somewhere else and not in front of his home.


I think the noise-maker-repellent is now gone, unless hidden in his mini-flower bed.

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