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Vote PAGE for County Executive.

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Alexander Bob Page, Jr. Candidate for County Executive. Elected as Chief Judge of the Orphan?’s Court for 24 years. Elected as a Delegate to the State Convention. U.S. Marine. Past Chairman of the Heart Fund. One of the Founders of Back River Little League and also the Manager and Secretary for 8 years. Activist for sewage in Bowleys Quarters and Back River Neck. Member of VFW, American Legion, Elks, Hawks P.C.

Executive Smith has promoted a no developer left behind concept of government. Has appointed a Developer, Real Estate Broker and staff member with Commercial Real Estate Services business to the planning board.

Schools: Baltimore County Education spending lags $250 per pupil behind the state wide average. Executive Smith has allowed developers to outstrip services. Some schools are 21-24% over capacity. Smith has given a pay raise to teachers in all four years. This eliminates criticism of his administration. Teachers also man the polls and give out the apple ballot.

Taxes: With anti-incumbent fever running high on other issues and the pressure of tax payers souring property tax assessments, the administration agreed to a $30 tax cut on a home of $200,000. With a $237,000,000 surplus, plus reserves; most of the tax cut relief about $5,000,000 the administration raided the employees health insurance account. 2 years ago they cut insurance coverage to retired employees by 20%. With a $237,000,000 surplus, plus reserves and a strong economy a $300 tax cut in more in line. There would still be $152,000,000 in surpluses, plus reserves , and a healthy economy.

Crime: Major crime is rampant in Baltimore County. Homicides up 37.9%. Robbery up 12.9%. Vehicle Theft up 3.9%. Baltimore County has a great Police Force but needs a huge upgrade in personnel and technical equipment.

Public Safety: Volunteer Firefighters receive the same training as paid firefighters. They receive a $250 a month pension after 20 years of service. He supports raising pension to $300 a month.

Sewage pumping stations need major upgrade and a back-up system. This is also a state wide issue. Baltimore County has 175 miles of waterfront. Sewage spills are a major concern for those who work, play and live on the water in Baltimore County. 4 spills in July alone.

Fiscal Responsibility: At a meeting Smith looked at a Developer of Waterview and stated the County was buying two commercial properties across the street from Waterview. After the purchase of these two properties they then purchased a commercial property 100 yards up the street. A month later or so, the Director of Recreation and Parks stated that they were building a mini-park because they had excess property. Why were these properties excess? The Broker of the property has represented developers of the past and present. There are 21 parks within a 6 mile span from Back River Bridge to Chase. 5 are within 1 mile of the mini-park across from Waterview. 11 are large waterfront parks. Executive Smith has raised staff and department heads as much as $25,000 per year. Executive Smith neglected his fiscal responsibility by wanting to build a $7.5 million dollar sports complex in Reisterstown and $13 million dollar community center in Randallstown.

(Something really needs to be done about the schools. Innocent children are getting bullied and beat up by problematic children. School staff can?’t control them because schools are overpopulated. Plus, the children don?’t get as good of an education when they don?’t have much attention. Page will fix this situation. You can?’t just give teachers raises and ignore the actual problem!
Smith is concerned with his expensive developments in his neck of the woods; ie:$7.5 million dollar sports complex and a $13 million dollar community center.
Page would spend our tax dollars on things that actually benefit us. Page doesn't have $3.1 million like Smith in his Campaign Fund. Money sadly usually wins. Make a difference!
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