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I am wondering if it is okay to keep chickens on your property? Not sure the legality of this but everytime i'm outside and hear the cock crowing, i think to myself, what in the ????.  Who keeps chickens?  Should I buy some livestock and keep in my backyard in case i want to have some fresh meat on the table?  I don't like to sound like i'm complaining, but what is the point in having an HOA or covenances if it is okay to keep chickens?  LOL, bizarrre.  It does make me laugh though, most days. Its like living in the country, anything goes, who wouldn't want chickens.  Oh and by the way,  why do some people have to keep there property nice and neat when the developer here near the model home can't seem to find a way to keep the weeds from overshadowing our property.  Are they accountable? Lets fine them and when we make enough money put in some nice equipment for the young kids to play on.  Or, buy some goats and let them dine on the weeds, that seems to make the most sense here at castlegate subdivision.  Come on HOA take a drive, get out and take pics send the fines, collect the money your gettting paid aren't you?

Have a nice day.

No, it is not okay to have farm animals or live stock (chickens included).  This was actually brought up at the last HOA meeting and apparently our subdivision is not zoned for livestock/farm animals by the county, so the folks with live stock could be in trouble with the county if you were to report them.


So, the short answer is no it is not okay, however, there isn't a whole lot other than letters that the HOA can do.  Your best bet would be to get the address and contact Pinal County about it.


The builder is exempt from the fines I believe.  Providence also wrote the HOA rules, and the HOA unfortunately isn't able to do much about Providence and their issues as far as I understand.  So, no, the builder cannot be held accountable I do not believe.  And our management company does drive around once a week.


If you feel strongly about this, I would encourage you to attend the next HOA meeting at the end of the month at Simonton at 7:00 PM.

Well thanks for the response, I didn't think it was okay for the whole chicken issue but not sure i want to cause more trouble than this, maybe the parties concerned will read and realize that what is perfectly okay for them may not be for others, kind of like a brothel or a porn store.....just kidding.


Actually i have been to a meeting or two and feel so sorry for the people who have chosen to be on the board. I don't think they need another person there complaning, for the most part i feel things are fairly good around here, but there is room for improvement and i'm betting alot of people feel the same. So for that reason I may attend, to maybe lend a hand and give a thumbs up to those who are doing something.

It would be great to see us become even more pro-active than we have been in the distant past, I think the powers that be have done alot of things right to bring us to where we are.  Lets do more, I"m at the age of grandchildren and know that there are so many young familys in this subdivision. We really need to strive to offer more for them, to make this a model for other communities to attain.  With the amount of moneys that I see us securing maybe that is worth a look.  Swings, other equipment lots of choices so that when our kids are done with there school activities they have a place to go.  Community pool? I know that is costly, but wouldn't that be great?

Thanks again.

I'm guessing you probably haven't been in awhile.  The meetings have completely changed and they are very civil and just fine now.  Far less folks complaining and the ones that do are kind about it (for the most part).


They've looked into the pool and there's really no place to put it as the retention areas have to stay as retention areas.  They are looking into a basketball and/or volleyball court and ironing out some beginning issues with that.  A local girl scout troop is offering to help financially with that as well.


I'd also encourage you to join the Facebook community page.  Far more info on there than here as of the past year or so.

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