Camelot I



What is the environment committee?

This committee encourage residents to do curbside recycling with green bins; encourage
yard maintenance from street/curb to alley or easement; Yard of the Month.

Are you having a hard time with your landscaping? You can try these resources.
Jones Maltsberger Turfgrass & Ground Cover Demonstration Site: FREE, at 8910 Jones Maltsberger (outside Loop 410), 467-6575, open 8 am to noon the second Saturday of every month from April through October. They have displays of a variety of grasses, ground cover and hardscaping options.
Bitters Road Brush Site: FREE Mulch,1800 Bitters Road, 522-8831, open daily. Homeowners load and bag it themselves.
Landscape Rebate Classes: FREE but registration is required, 467-6575, locations move around the city. Monthly classes by the Bexar County Master Gardeners. They offer practical information about xeriscape plants, landscape design and SAWS rebate programs.

Have you noticed that some of our neighborhood trees are dying? One of the problems is that the Arizona Ash trees that were planted when the houses were built have a short life span. They typically live only 20-30 years. If you have Arizona Ash trees in your yard you may want to start planning what you will plant to replace them, before they die. Trees can help shade your plants and grass during the hot months. Good trees can also add value to a home.
In speaking with some area nurseries, I was told that Oak trees add the most value to your home. It is also a great advertising bonus when you sell your home. Some of the suggestions for good trees were: Burr Oak, Live Oak, Red Oak, and a new species developed by Texas A&M called the Monterey Oak. This new Monterey Oak tree has a rapid growth rate (approx. 5 feet a year), is designed for Texas, and is evergreen. If you are looking for a lot of shade, the Burr Oak is one of the largest oak trees. If you have any suggestions of trees that have worked well for you, let us know.


We are all responsible for the appearance
of our yards and neighborhood. Good neighbors make good neighborhoods. CINA acknowledges those neighbors in our area who set the example by keeping their yards well maintained with the "Yard of the Month." Any paid CINA member is eligible to receive the Yard of the Month. If you would like to nominate a neighbor for this award contact Flora.

AREA I: Dolores R Tello,
5002 Guinevere
AREA II: John & Lillian Hennessy,
5286 Prince Valiant
AREA III: Joseph & Elida Travieso,
7402 Castle Throne
AREA I: Oliver & Lee Anderson,
5118 Round Table
AREA II: Percy & Viola MacMurray,
5535 Castle Way
AREA III: Charles & Grazia Verlander,
5655 Brandemere

During the months of August & September an effort was made to award neighbors who have incorporated xeriscaping in their yards. The city encourages this type of landscaping to help in water conservation efforts.
Homeowners converting a traditional lawn to a xeriscaped yard are eligible for a rebate in the form of credit to their water bills from SAWS. Call 704-7527 for more information on landscape rebates.

AREA I: Earl N Gilley,
5003 Merlin
AREA II: Billy & Anna Langley,
5519 Castle Way
AREA III: Norbert & Virginia Gonzalez,
5619 Sir Gareth.
AREA I: Lothar E & S B.Sauter,
5007 Lancelot
AREA II: Orson & Anne Kinney,
5534 Merlin
AREA III: Florence K Knight,
5638 Knight

When can you water?

We are in Stage II.
a All the restrictions from Stage I apply.
a Aesthetic fountains are prohibited, unless water is recirculated or recycled .
a Watering with a hand-held hose or drip irrigation permitted during the hours of 3am to 8am and 8pm to 10pm any day.
a Watering with sprinkler is permitted only once a week on the designated watering day during the hours of 3am to 8am and 8pm to 10pm.
a Filling of new and existing swimming pools is prohibited unless at least 30% of the water is obtained from a source other than the Edwards Aquifer.
a Citizens are encouraged to wash their cars no more than twice a month. Washing cars at home is permitted only during the designated watering day with a positive shut-off hose. Water runoff onto street is prohibited.

Residential addresses ending in:
0 or 1 - Monday
2 or 3 - Tuesday
4 or 5 - Wednesday
6 or 7 - Thursday
8 or 9 - Friday

1. -Turn off automatic sprinkler systems.
2. -If you must water, use the "footprint" test to gauge lawn-watering needs and manually turn on sprinkler system. Don't forget to manually turn-off the system.
3. -Hand water landscape plants or use soaker hoses.
4. -Use certified water conserving commercial car washes that recycle their water.
5. -If you haven't replaced indoor fixtures, do so now. Take advantage of the $75 rebate for low flow toilets.
6. -Save water inside the home too.
7. -Use the dishwater and washing machine only with full loads.
8. -Fix all leaks - dripping faucets, running toilets, etc.
9. -Take shorter showers.
10. -Report leaks and water waste to Water Hotline, 227-6143.
11. -Call SAWS to schedule a free water audit at 704-7354.
12. -Charity car washes are only allowed at certified conserving car washes.
Don't forget that SAWS offers rebates. By replacing your old toilet with a new water saver one, you can receive $75 per toilet replaced, credited back to your water bill, ("Kick the Can" max. 2 per household). SAWS is also offering up to $500's with their Watersaver Landscape Credit. For more information from SAWS see their web site at:, or phone them at 704-7527.

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