Proposed Enhanced Agenda For May 3rd Neighborhood Meeting

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Following the recent resignation of Mark Lymer from the Board, his position of Chairman has automatically been filled by Marcia Kyle, Vice Chair. In consultation with several other association members she has proposed the following enhanced agenda for this annual meeting; this differs in scope from that included on the referenced postcard:

1. Voting on previously proposed bylaw revisions to restrict board membership to home owners and exclude renters and businesses. This issue has to be settled before we can continue to any other discussion and voting points. The proposed revisions are:

  • Businesses within MPWNA boundary to be designated as 'non-voting' affiliates.
  • The majority of the Board at any one time, and for quorum, shall be owner occupants.

The current bylaw for membership in the association says:

  • The membership of the MPWNA shall be comprised of all persons owning , residing or doing business in a permanent structure within the boundaries of Mitchell Park West.

2. Vote on nominating and electing an all new Board for a 1 year term. Board structure proposed to include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, General Members

3. Request to David Saar to use a Childsplay facility meeting room for all future Board and Neighborhood meetings

4. Vote on a proposal to set neighborhood meetings on same day / time each month for everybody's planning purposes; say, 3rd Saturday of each month at 4:00 pm. Have the agenda set for every meeting by the 2nd Saturday and meetings every 3rd Saturday. We can have the schedule set for the entire year that way. Maybe we should also focus some of those times on not having meetings but in just getting together to visit, maybe have a potluck or pizza or something, just to let tensions ease

5. Vote on setting up a subcommittee to review the bylaws in total; do we even need bylaws?

6. Vote on the Grant application for park benches as described in the recent newsletter to all residents in the neighborhood

7. Report on status of planning for Neighborhood Art Festival

8. Vote on annual voluntary $5 (?) donation to fund association activities

9. Any other business from assembly

This agenda has also been posted on the Community Pages of the website.


 Thank you for your work on this.  I know Mitchell East has no  Board; all decisions are made (I think) at full membership meetings.  This style of organization depends upon a harmonious group of neighbors, and probably takes more time.

We have to have some stated rules, don't we?  Like having an annual election and regular meetings, etc.  Not a long document, just some structure.

But everything sounds doable.  Hope we can get some of the newer residents here too.




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This website does not constitute inclusive notification of neighborhood association communications. therefore the agenda as mailed by the city to every household is the official neighborhood association meeting agenda.

adding 'new topics' to an agenda is typical and can be added at a meeting or to the agenda ahead of time. at the time a new topic is introduced at a meeting, it is not to be discussed. (Robert's Rules of Order, every organization in Arizona uses Robert's )

In addition, descriptions on items on an agenda should not include preferences of the writer. they should be factual and descriptive only of the topic to be addressed and discussed at a meeting.

MPENA has a Chair, Vice Chair, Sec, etc. as such it is a Board.

MPWNA has 'by-laws'. it is very brief. It is posted on this site.

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To clarify all this about the Mitchell Park WEST bylaws.

The original bylaws were for Mitchell Park NA. This was for BOTH sides and before the dividing into East and West which occured during the Strategic Area Plan due to differences in the areas. So, what I'm saying is that MP East also has bylaws they just haven't bothered to readjust them specifically to their desires. No neighborhood association is without some type of bylaws. I believe this is part of the formation process. If anything it includes the boundries of the NA and purpose of formation as such. I'm sorry I gave away my original copy of MPW bylaws as I would like to compare it to the current one. I look forward to a lively meeting on Saturday. (side bar...who ever listed the meeting, the time is 12:00PM not 12:00AM -I just can't stay up that late any more)

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