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Park Forest Community Association Newsletter 2/08

Feb 21, 2008

February, 2008

This is the second Park Forest Community newsletter to be presented online for your information. Since our last newsletter the dues statements were mailed. Approximately 100 of 214 property owners have responded and paid their dues. Second letters will be sent to non-respondents. It is not only important that we receive the $25.00 from each property owner, but that we get the information requested on the receipt slip. One goal for the association is creating a directory for our neighborhood and this is an efficient way to get the needed information.

Nearly half of respondents requested a paper copy of our newsletter. That is a significant number and the board will respond to that by printing copies of the first newsletter as well as future ones, and delivering them to those respondents. However, this is an additional cost to our treasury at a time when we are looking for ways to save money. In the future, a goal of ours could be to reinstate the ?“Forrester?”, the monthly newsletter which was printed for many years. At that time there were the positions of editor and block captains who gathered news for the paper. The block captains were involved in welcoming newcomers to the neighborhood and helping membership with information about who had sold property in their area. They also submitted articles about special awards that our student or adult residents had received, and they were in charge of delivering the Forrester in their areas. It was a way to celebrate the good things happening in Park Forest. If this is something the association would be interested in doing the board would like to hear from you. The cost of that sort of publication might be handled by printing ads in each issue. If you have any experience in this area, please call a board member to volunteer your expertise.

On February 14, 2008, president, Billie Samec and co-treasurer, Pat Lawlor attended the monthly Northeast Area Partnership meeting held at Good Shepherd Methodist Church. It was an excellent meeting, and any residents who wish to may attend in the future. Call Billie at 485-9078 if you are interested in attending. Those who attend these meetings include representatives of the Fort Wayne Fire Department, the Fort Wayne Police Department, a representative of the mayor?’s office ( Mayor Tom Henry was present at this meeting), the Second District City Council member, Karen Goldner, and Tom Smith, the First District City Council member. These people are there to present information that our associations need to know as well as to answer any of our questions. As reported:
?˜ There is a recall of Torchiere Lamps sold only at Lowe?’s. There is a wiring defect that could start a fire. The name of the Lamp is: Portfolio Incandescent Torchiere Lamp, manufactured by Field Smart Lighting Co. Ltd. Of China. The item number printed on the bottom of the lamp is 179878. It was sold between March of 2005 and October, 2007 for about $17.00. If you have one of these lamps return it to Lowe?’s for a refund.
?˜ There have been recent break-ins in Royal Oaks and New Glenwood. At the New Glenwood break-in copper wiring and tubing was stolen. We are asked to not leave garage door openers in our cars if they are parked outside. One officer said that doing so was just like hanging your house key by the door. Your car window could be smashed to take the opener.
?˜ Last month about 40 mailboxes in the Walden addition were vandalized. They were pulled from their supports, or the supports were broken off at ground level. The police suggest that we not place out going mail in our mailboxes. Putting up the red flag to alert the mail carrier also alerts anyone who may try to use that mail to steal your identity.
?˜ As we become better acquainted as neighbors you may want to arrange with a neighbor to keep an eye on your property if you are going to be away. Having a neighbor take in your mail and newspapers is a good idea too. Also, if you see papers or advertisements stacking up at a vacant property you may want to pick those up to discourage theft.
?˜ We are asked, as good neighbors, to keep an eye on vacant properties. There have been daylight burglaries. In such cases a plain van pulls up to the vacant house and 2-3 men in matching coveralls begin taking things from the house. When asked, they may say that the home is in foreclosure and the bank is preparing it for sale. CALL THE POLICE?…DO NOT TRY TO INTERVENE.
?˜ A meeting open to the public sponsored by the Maumee River Basin Commission will be held at Lakeside Golf Club on February 25, 2008 regarding the proposed construction of a concrete and asphalt recycling plant to be located on the south side of the river across from Lakeside Golf Course. Concerns are for air and water quality for a large area of our city. The plant is being planned by Brooks Construction. The Board of Zoning Appeals permitted a variance for this construction without seeking input from the commission or the public.

During the last heavy snow it was gratifying to drive through the addition and see how few vehicles had been left on the street during plowing. Most of our streets were clean to the curb. Also, most of our driveways and sidewalks were cleaned. Congratulations to everyone for this success. If you have someone you would like to thank for cleaning your drive and walks, call a board member with that information and we will report it in our newsletter. In my block we have several good neighbors who go the extra mile (well, it may seem like a mile to them in the cold weather). I would like to thank Mike Hawley, Jim Huhn, Ed McGovern, and Dave Stinson. This newsletter can be updated at any time. You can express your gratitude immediately.

Finally, during the board meeting on the 13th, it was suggested that we look into new security signs for the addition. Also, we will investigate the cost of having our own private security patrol. We will share information about these items with you as soon as possible.

As always, contact a board member with your concerns/problems. This is our community and we all want it to be wonderful.

Park Forest Community Board Members
President: Billie Samec 485-9078
Vice President: Steve Blair 486-8306
Secretary Mary Bordner 4924176
Treasurer: Jerry Lawlor 485-0883
Membership: Tim Young 492-2957

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