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Park Forest Community Association Newsletter, July 2008

Aug 13, 2008

JULY 2008



A lively group of Park Forest residents gathered on Saturday, June 14th at the Park Forest Pool for great food and good company. Attendees included Sally Huhn, who has lived on Stanton Drive since our addition was first developed in the mid-60?’s, and Jeff Beard and Dawn Clevenger, who moved into Park Forest in May. For some it was their first Park Forest event, but others have been staunch association members for many years. Our cooks, Steve Blair and Jack Davis did a wonderful job with the hamburgers and hot dogs and seemed to be enjoying their work. There were plenty of salads, fruit concoctions and desserts. We have some great cooks in our neighborhood and no one went hungry.

The winner of the bicycle raffle was Scott Lochner. The association sold enough raffle tickets to just about break even on this project, and it was a lot of fun.
Also, several people agreed that they would like to participate in a Euchre group. The group would decide when and where to meet, but if it isn?’t too large, we could probably meet in our homes. Jack Davis has volunteered to manage this ongoing card group. If you think you would like to participate call Jack at 485-2332. We are looking forward to getting this moving.



The Park Forest board met on Thursday, June 19th at the Samec house. Shawn Baker gave his final report about the party at the pool. A folder of information regarding this event and the pictures Shawn took will be on file for use next year. The board decided not to post pictures on My Space this time as some residents didn?’t want their pictures used in this way. Shawn had several good ideas for next year that will go into the folder.

The board also discussed the problem of residents who have not paid their association dues. Each board member has a list of residents who have not paid and will be contacting them personally. The total amount of outstanding dues is $1800.00. Since another round of dues isn?’t available until after the first of 2009, we may need some or all of this money for snow removal before that time. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID, PLEASE SEND YOUR $25.00, ALONG WITH YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND E- MAIL ADDRESS TO: PARK FOREST COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, P.O. BOX 15294, FORT WAYNE, IN 46885. A record of dues not paid is kept and acts as a lien against your property when you sell your home. At that time the entire amount is deducted from your profit and turned in to our association. The association needs that money coming in on a regular basis in order to budget for yearly expenses.
Some residents have questioned the need to pay dues, especially if they live on Stellhorn Road or Trier Road. Those residents do not benefit from our privately-funded snow removal. In answer to that concern we can only say that they are technically residents of Park Forest Community Association and, by law, are required to pay dues to the association. It costs money to have a newsletter and pay the electric bills for the entrance signs. Replacement light bulbs are also an expense. Each time we need to post signs there is an expense. Some board members are paying for some of the expenses out of their own pockets because they want the association to succeed. If we are to become more active as a community, we need dues participation by residents.
In the future the board would like to have more social events here in the addition with the goal of becoming acquainted with all of our neighbors. We create greater safety for all of us when we know and watch out for each other. Having fun right here in the neighborhood will save money on your gasoline bill too, as you won?’t need to drive somewhere to have a good time. (I had to put that in as it is an excuse for everything these days. Perhaps we should all get golf carts.)


The board asked for your concerns and we have received several during the past few months.
1. Youngsters out late at night without supervision
The board contacted our FWPD liason officer, Barry Roos, about this and he promised more patrol sweeps of our neighborhood during late hours. Curfew laws were discounted by the court several years ago when the court ruled that such laws were unconstitutional because there were no considerations made for lawful, late night circumstances. The safety of each child is his/her parents?’ responsibility. It is annoying to many of our residents to have young people running in the neighborhood late at night, but it is also NOT SAFE for those children. When most residents are sleeping, there is no one to see if there are strangers in the area or if youngsters are engaging in dangerous behaviors. Please talk to your children and keep them home and safe at a reasonable time.

2. Non-working vehicles parked in the neighborhood
State law defines an abandoned vehicle as ?“a vehicle that is three years old and mechanically inoperable, and is left on private property twenty (20) days.?” City ordinance makes it illegal to abandon a vehicle on public or private property that?’s dismantled, non-operating, wrecked or junked. The city of Fort Wayne has a department just for abandoned and inoperable vehicles that is accessed by the 311 city number. Any resident can report this. The board has made reports of this nature, and the problem seems to have been handled. The board does not receive progress reports from the city about this problem.

3. RV?’s, Campers, Boats, Utility trailers, Mechanical equipment parked on streets, driveways, and yards
By going to the Fort Wayne website, www.cityoffortwayne.org you can find
Information about all city zoning ordinances pertaining to this problem. There are definite guidelines about items such as these and how they can and cannot be kept in a residential neighborhood. If you own such vehicles/equipment and park them here in our community, please go online and check the rules. They are too lengthy to reprint in our newsletter. The board has reported some of these problems, and some contacts, in the form of informational letters about fines that can be levied, have been sent by the zoning department. If these problems continue, the board intends to follow through as the law allows. KEEPING THE RESIDENTIAL QUALITY OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS IMPORTANT. Every time a resident pushes the boundaries of the zoning laws it may encourage someone else to do the same. The consequence is a reduction of quality of life in the area and, eventually, lower selling prices.

4. A business being run from a home in this addition
Many complaints have been received by the board about a construction-type business being run from a home in this neighborhood. Specifically residents are concerned about the equipment being stored outside the residence and that workers arrive in the morning, leave their cars parked at the residence and take the stored trucks/trailers away for the day. They then return later and switch out the vehicles again. This is against zoning laws and has been reported to the zoning department. We are hopeful of a resolution very soon. We appreciate our wonderful residents, but we want them to respect the rules and their neighbors. Again, the www.cityoffortwayne.org site provides information about this.

5. Improperly stored trash bins
Again, the www.cityoffortwayne.org site gives all of the information about garbage collection. Among the responsibilities of the resident are: trash bins can be curbed as early as noon on the day before scheduled collection, but must be set out by 5 am the day of collection and removed no later than noon of the day following collection. Bins are to be stored out of sight of the street. This means that residents must put bins behind the residence or in the garage between collection days. Items that will not fit into the bin will be collected if the city has been notified at least a day in advance of scheduled pick-up. Residents may do this by calling the 311 city number. No toxic substances are to be placed at the curb for collection.

The general meeting of all Bullerman Park Forest residents is scheduled for Thursday, November 6,2008. We have reserved the meeting hall at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church for that meeting. There should be enough space for everyone who would like to attend. The church is located at the corner of Vance Avenue and Reed Road, across the street from the Snider football field. The meeting will begin at 7 pm. The board plans for an organized meeting and we will be finished by 8:45 pm. All residents are urged to attend as some important material will be voted on at that meeting. Prior to that meeting all residents should receive a copy of the proposed by-laws for the association. The by-laws will state how the association is to operate and do business. New by-laws are needed because the previous ones, last revised in 1983, do not work for the current climate of our neighborhood, and because they lapsed several years ago.
At this time we are not attempting to address restrictive covenants, which also lapsed a few years ago. Information from other neighborhoods who have tried to do this shows that it is a difficult and expensive project. The association may wish to address this in the future.

The board also plans to distribute the long-awaited Park Forest Directory at this meeting which will include the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all residents who have paid 2008 dues. There will also be a schedule of events of the association for 2009.

As you walk, bike, or drive around Park Forest you are sure to see some wonderful homes and properties. We would like to mention some of these here. This certainly is not a comprehensive listing and we will be bringing some others to your attention in the future. We have noticed: the stately elegance of 4008 Stanton Dr., the flowers at 4334 Meredith Dr., which make coming into the addition from Stellhorn Road a pleasure?…..the improvement of upkeep at 3925 Stanton Dr., the always sharp look of 5328 Bellmawr and 3918 Stanton Dr, the bright geranium parade at 4016 Hedwig, gorgeous landscape at 4111 Thornton, the well-trimmed trees at 5222 Dial Dr. and the lovely front door at 3929 Vineland. You can submit your observations of beautiful areas in our community by calling a board member. These residents deserve a pat on the back.

It has been a challenge recently to keep up with mowing the grass properly. The rainy weather causes grass to grow quickly and makes it difficult to find a time to mow when the it isn?’t wet. When the weather does turn hot and dry, as it is sure to, setting the mowing height up on your mower, leaving the mowed grass a bit longer, helps the grass survive through that summer season.

Some Japanese Beetles have been seen on roses and other flowers. They eat flowers and leaves, then lay eggs below ground till next season.

There are insect sprays for ornamentals in your yard and insect granules to spread on the ground as you do fertilizer. Now is the time to do that. For more information check this website: http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/2000/2504.html

Keeping up on edging along driveways and sidewalks makes the property look its best. Pick up any trash that may blow onto your property and keep the street gutters swept.


An idea we may want to consider: Would residents be interested in our association making American flags available for purchase to all residents who wish to have one for display on holidays? This project would not necessarily be for profit to the association, but we might be able to get a good price by ordering a large number at one time. It would be beautiful to see so many flags displayed on Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. If you have comments about this, contact a board member.

Park Forest Community Association board members are:
President: Billie Samec 485-9078
Vice-President: Steve Blair 486-8306
Secretary: Mary Bordner 492-4176
Treasurer: Jerry Lawlor 485-0883
Membership: Tim Young 492-2957
By-laws: Katie Eckrich 485-8794


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