Buckman Community Association

BCA Minutes: 6-12-03

BCA General Meeting Minutes: June 12, 2003

In Attendance were Board Members; Jack Maynard, Susan Lindsay, Ann Bowling, Jim Everden, Anne Hughes, Joshua Bickle, M’Lou Christ, Lily Witham, and Jarkko Cain.

Neighbours included Dolores Dee, Don McGillivray, Rion Lyle, Tom and
Christina Grace (Portland Farmer’s Market), Bethany Pratt and Seann McKeel
(Nocturnal), Sarah Nolte aka Blossom Bee, Dianna Schaffer (St. Francis),
Ed Lyle, Laura Jaeger (CCHS), Ken Siedler (Back to Back Caf?©) and Josh
Russell (former neighbour).

The meeting began with a report from our SNO-man, Officer Jim McMurray. Crime continues to rise all over the city, but especially in Buckman. Increase in car prowls, burglaries, arson, etc. There was some debate as to the impact of the re-opening of St. Francis Park on the neighbourhood. Anne Hughes and others expressed skepticism as to the ability of the St. Francis staff to properly manage the park when it is open during the summer. Officer McMurray stated that all it will take to close the park
would be 2 violations in one month. At that point, the City would probably
take the property away from the St. Francis Parish. Dianna Schaffer (St.
Francis Park Director) assured the group that she had complete confidence
in her ability to manage the Park and stated that the Park will be open
from 10AM to dusk. Dianna also stated that St. Francis plans to host
various activities over the summer; including a weekly art program for
children, to be held on Wednesday afternoons. Also planned are picnic
events for July 4th and Labour Day. Ed Lyle reminded us that we should get
out and use the Park in a positive manner.

While on the subject of St. Francis, there was more discussion of the
efficacy of the security force. Lily Witham reported that she has several
times seen the vehicle for the security company parked on the corner of 11th & Pine for hours at a time late at night. The security officer appeared to listening to loud music inside the vehicle. Jack Maynard volunteered to telephone the President of the Security company and ask him to supply the security officers with cell phones, and to give that number to all residents.

There was also frustration voiced when discussing attempts to telephone
St. Francis in order to report criminal activities. Ann Bowling told the
group that when calling St. Francis and reaching the voice mail system,
pressing the # button on the phone will put the caller in contact with an
actual human being.

Joshua Bickle reported that the St. Francis Ad-Hoc Committee has decided
to stay together as an on-going Communications Committee and monitor the
situation at the Park throughout the summer. Susan Lindsay suggested that
a simple committee might be formed, which would feature one delegate for
each of the categories (Police, Business, BCA, etc.).

Discussion followed about the woman recently found dead on the esplanade.
Susan Lindsay asked for more police patrols around the bridges and
esplanade. Officers on bicycles would seem especially helpful in these
areas. Officer McMurray agreed with Susan, and said that he will pass the
word on to Commander Grubbs.

Susan reminded everyone to please attend the final PPS Board Meeting, to
be held on Monday June 16th, 6:30PM at the PPS building on N. Dixon. Our
attendance is requested in order to show the PPS Board that we are determined to get the Washington High School Building for our Community Center, and also to thank the Board for their help with this on-going issue.

Another important meeting to attend is the Public Hearing regarding the
Memorial Coliseum renovation, which will be held on Wednesday, June 18th,
at the Coliseum at 6PM. Among the various suggestions for the Coliseum has
been a retail superstore such as Target, Home Depot or Costco. One of the
city’s bigger developers is interested in turning the Coliseum into a Super Sports Arena, which would host larger sporting events and also feature a state-of the art gym and pool. Susan feels (as do we all) that if the Sports Arena were to happen, there would be no funding for the Central Eastside Community Center. We should all make an effort to attend this meeting and let our voices be heard.

There is an OLCC meeting on Friday June 20th at 9Am. It wasn’t clear if
anyone from the BCA will be able to attend that meeting.

Bethany Pratt (owner of Nocturnal) and Seann McKeel (Manager of Nocturnal)
asked the Board to consider their request to have later hours at
Nocturnal. Current hours are until 1PM. They made a polished
presentation, including colour-copied handouts. Bethany made a joke about
the irony of a club being called Nocturnal but closing at midnight or 1AM. She pointed out that most of her clientele don’t go out until 11PM or
later. Susan asked Bethany to poll the neighbours in a one-block radius,
and report to the Board at the July General Meeting.

Susan suggested that the Liquor Discussion be post-poned until July.

Mary Ann Schwab appeared during the break, bringing a bag of chocolate
candies for the group to enjoy. Mary Ann reported that she has been leaving messages for Paul Allen and had a return call from his office. She hopes to get Mr. Allen interested in backing the Community Center, among other things. Mary Ann also reported that the Shell Station at 39th and Stark has applied for a license to sell high-alcohol beverages, such as malt liquors etc. The station is located directly across the street from the playground at Laurelhurst Park, and Mary Ann has been working to get the request turned down, as the proximity to the playground coupled with the usual clientele for malt beverages spells trouble. Susan Lindsay suggested that the Board try to get a universal band of malt beverages
throughout Buckman.

Mary Ann also reported that there is now $75,000 in the Master Planning
Fund for the Washington High/Portland Parks project.

Tom and Christina Grace gave an update on the Farmer’s Market. Bridgeport
Realty has agreed to be a sponsor for the Farmer’s Market. Christina
reported that the fundraising dinner at Williams on 12th was a big success, with 35 people attending the dinner in support of the Farmer’s Market. The Market will happen every Thursday from 4-8pm, starting in July, at Hinson Baptist Church. Tom told the meeting that the Market will be able to accept Senior Nutritional Coupons and WIC coupons, but not food stamps. They anticipate 25 growers will participate, from both conventional and organic farms. May of these suppliers are start-up farmers. There will also be a consignment table selling produce from very small producers, who may not have enough produce for a table of their
own. Tables will cost $25 each. Christina asked Susan to contact the SE
Examiner about the Market, and Susan said that she would include something
about the Market for the Buckman Community News in the SE Examiner. Tom
also asked for volunteers for set-up on Thursdays after 1PM.

There was some confusion as to whether or not funds had been approved for
the Buckman Foot Patrol flyer, currently being designed by Lily Witham.
Ann Bowling said that she wasn’t sure if it would be a legitimate neighbourhood expense for the Communications Fund. M’Lou Christ made a motion to declare the Foot Patrol Brochure a Buckman Project, seconded by Jack Maynard. It was suggested that Lily Witham contact Joyce Wall and make sure that the expense would be approved by SEUL. (The answer to the question is yes, it will be considered a legitimate ommunications
expense.) There is still $317 to spend before June 30th, Ann Bowling will
buy stamps and postcards with most of the money.

Rion Lyle reported that the City Intersection Repair Project at 19th and
Washington was a big success.

Laura Jaeger from Central Catholic High School gave an update- the new
construction at CCHS is going well and will hopefully be finished in early
Fall 2003. The no-parking signs were completed and given out to neighbours
to use on Events Nights. Anne Hughes complimented Laura on the way that
CCHS has been willing to work with the neighbourhood in order to resolve
the parking problem.

Lily Witham asked the Board to write a letter in support of Officer
McMurray, who is fighting a harassment claim filed against him by Sarah
Nolte/Blossom Bee. There was some discussion about whether it is
appropriate for the Board to become involved in an issue such as this.
Susan Lindsay suggested that the Board write Commander Grubbs a letter
stating how helpful we have found Officer McMurray to be, with a tone of
general support while not referring to the harassment claim specifically.
Susan also suggested that we start writing thank-you notes to the City
officias etc. who are of help to the BCA. It was agreed that this is a
very good idea, and Ann B. will buy some pre-stamped post cards from the
post office.

Officers and Committees were chosen, and it’s official!!

The new Board Officers are:
Chair- Susan Lindsay
Vice Chair -Jack Maynard
Treasurer- Ann Bowling
Secretary- Lily Witham
Ani Haines will continue to be the SEUL delegate, with Don McGillivray
providing back up. Ani will also continue to act as Editor for the
Newsletter with help from Lily Witham after August 2003.
The Liquor Committee will consist of: Susan Lindsay, Jack Maynard, Jarkko
Cain and Bethany Pratt.
Jack Maynard will head the Land-Use Committee, with help from Susan, Jack,
Don, Kevin Kraus and Sarah Nolte/Blossom Bee. The Transportation Committee is to be headed by M’lou Christ, with help
from Lily Witham. Joshua Bickle and Ed Lyle are the St. Francis Committee representatives. Anne Hughes will be Events Coordinator and will work on fundraising efforts. M’Lou Christ will also work on environmental issues.
Ann Bowling will head the Neighbourhood Clean-up Day committee, with help from Lily Witham.

The meeting was adjourned at 9PM.

Submitted by Lily Witham.

Posted by buck on 07/22/2003
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