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Courtesy and concern

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I am going to express a concern that I have been witnessing - I am a resident in Buck Creek Village and I speak with all my neighbors whether homeowners or renters.  The HOA member that everyone is speaking about (name unknown) who walks around with his infant child and takes photos of "violators of the covenant" then reports these residents is the concern. I am concerned for the safety of the child he carries with him.  His approach to the residents is abrasive at best. He makes no attempt to communicate with the residents about any type of violation he is "investigating"; he barks orders at people as if he is the gestapo of the neighborhood all while hiding behind "the covenant" and his child, mostly his child. I have been told about cars being unjustly towed, fines for minor violations such as trash cans and most of the neighbors are speaking about this guy because does not have the courtesy to walk up and speak with people.  A good portion of the residents rent their house but common courtesy should dictate they be approached about the issue in a calm peaceful manner.  Recently, there has been alot of vandalism in Lighthouse Landings, strange people walking the bike trails in the middle of the night, coming into the neighborhood and approaching residents at their vehicles and over their fences, houses & vehicles being hit with eggs and other vile concoctions and the rude children playing in the street who take their sweet time moving out of the way of the vehicles are out of hand.  Personally, I am surprised a child didn't get hit this past summer. THESE ARE MAJOR CONCERNS THAT SHOULD BE ADDRESSED.  Parking issues and trash cans are minor in comparison.  People do not want to feel as if they live under martial law and this guy walks around like King Bee.  


  The neighborhood is going downhill. The major concerns need to be addressed and the guy with the baby needs to lighten up.  I fear he is going to do what he has been doing to the wrong sort and that person is not going to care if his baby is there.  My grandmother always said "you catch more flies with sugar than salt"

I too am very concerned about what’s going on in the neighborhood and haven’t been able to reach anyone with the HOA.  Does anyone know if we currently have a president?  (I hear that James left?)  If so, do we know how to contact them?

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