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"Golden Rule" requests for Homeowners in Buck Creek Village!

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The Buck Creek Village HOA Board would like to respectively ask that all homeowners please exercise the "golden rule" within the community.  Recently, several homeowners have complained about how many are walking their pets, allowing their pets to roam unsupervised, and those pets are making deposits on homeowners properties and not being cleaned up.


Noone likes to see unwanted pet deposits on their lawns.   So, if you are walking your pet please be sure to keep a scoop and a garbage bag with you to clean up their droppings.  And, if your pet is roaming in the community unsupervised, leashed, etc.  Please ensure that you are keeping proper control over your animal as this could pose possible safety concerns to other residents in the community.  And, you sure do not want Fido or Fluffy to get "adopted" by another homeowner because he or she is so darned cute! :-)


Bottom line?  Respect each others personal property as you would wish that your property would be respected by others.  Just as a reminder...  Our community has a lovely park/walking trail area surrounding our ponds.  Your welcome to walk your pets there and have them play in the large amount of green grass surrounding our common areas in the community.  Just make sure you use the trash bags and garbage cans posted along the walking trail to dispose of your pets droppings.  :-)


Thanks to the homeowners for abiding by some simple "golden rule" rules of conduct that can make our lives as homeowners that much more enjoyable!




The Buck Creek Village HOA Board

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