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Broyhill neighborhood watch harassment...we need a new neighborhood watch

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Is anybody else getting harassed constantly on a weekly basis on different things by the neighborhood watch?? I live on crest Drive and it is absolutely ridiculous the amount of attention that they are giving me it's borderline harassment. They don't like any of my trucks or any of my vehicles. The county is constantly coming over and telling me what I'm allowed to do. They're even going as far as to complain about a grill that I have in my front yard. Fairfax County themselves has told me that this is ridiculous. Now not only is the neighborhood watch calling the county and not apparently getting the results that they think they should. Now they have started to call the police on me...... Here's the problem with the neighborhood watch that I've noticed the only people driving around are between 65 and 80 years old. Most neighborhood watches are to help the community and to help prevent crime the Broyhill Watch has took it upon themselves to not prevent crime or watch for suspicious activity instead they have decided to be a property value management committee and are trying to run my neighborhood like there's some kind a HOA. If you want to live in an HOA who tells you what color your mailbox can be and what time you can let your dog out then go by a house in an HOA community, or please move to Florida already!!!! My house has been broken into my cars have been repeatedly broken into my tools have been stolen out of my enclosed car trailer which they have cut the locks and took my tools. My neighbor across the street had his work van broken into and his tools stolen in his driveway, his direct neighbor had his work van broken into and tools stolen. My other neighbor has had his rims and tires stolen now two times!!!!! This is all on vally crest Drive off of crest Drive... Where are the neighborhood watchers during any of this???why are they not driving around watching at night time for suspicious activity and theft like a neighborhood watch is supposed to do??? Instead they would rather complain about a grill in my front yard.. They took their duties to a different level and instead of forming a correct neighborhood watch they have just made themselves the neighborhood harassment squad... Sickens me... My opinion is if you don't like the way my yard looks look somewhere else...and yes I do understand their reasoning about property value but what they don't understand is these houses in the broyhill crest community are one step above an apartment or townhouse these are entry-level beginner houses. 99% of the property value increase is population growth! I'm not saying nice yards don't help things but even if the yards were complete dumps people would still buy here because this are the cheapest houses available. And the property values are still going to increase with time and population growth. If you don't want to live in apartment and you can't afford a big house this is where you go, therefore I consider that middle class. And the population growth around here is not the old-timers that are driving around during the hours of 9 AM through 1 PM calling the county on everybody's yards. Instead they are normal people like myself who work every day like a dog for what they have. We don't have time to go to your little silly meetings because we have a life, we work, we have kids and family. That's where my time goes work and my kids. Then you have the old busybodies who have no lives nothing to do with their time and no family or very distance. What they need to do at this point of their life and age is to try to make things good for others and be nice to people and create joy and happiness. Those should be your main concerns in your years left on this earth, not a grill in my yard and making my life difficult...... So the 95% of us that work don't have time to go to little council meetings and this and that are being ran and told what to do by the other 5%... but I think this needs to change. First we need a neighborhood watch that does the job of a neighborhood watch and patrols the neighborhood at night time. And does something that's called "watch" we need to get some people that are retired people that are off for that day people who once or twice a week can go take a lap in the car before they go to bed that's what we need not somebody trying to make their own HOA and feel important.... I hate to even waste time writing this but I think I might have to waste my time and go to one of these meetings and over speak some of these people. I need to find out when one of these meetings is and make them hear me, I guarantee you I can speak louder and meaner than any of them, and they sure won't be able to throw me out of that place by themselves. I don't mean to come off as a person looking for trouble, I am a very passive laid-back kind of person I just want to be left alone. If you are being harassed or you support my view please email me at if I go to one of these meetings I'd like to be able to say I speak for more than myself. I would like to get a little collection of people together so if the time comes we can all go up there 10 times as many as them and disband their neighborhood watch overthrow them out of position and get some other people in there they can actually do some good. If you do not support my views do not email me and go worry about your own property!!! Sent from my iPhone
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