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Broward Estates was annexed into the City of Lauderhill in September 2006, increasing the population of Lauderhill by approximately 4000 residents. In 2000, the population of the Broward Estates Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement District was 3,416 based on data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census for the Broward Estates Census Designated Place which is a slightly smaller area than the District. According to Lauderhill's Planning and Zoning Department, the projected population for Lauderhill in 2005 is 72,349. Black non-Hispanics represent 96 percent of the total population, white non-Hispanics equal one percent, and multi-racial persons comprise the remainder. Hispanics account for one percent of the population and can be of any race.

Based on census data, there were 993 households in Broward Estates in 2000. This family-oriented neighborhood had a relatively large young population with 32 percent of its residents less than 18 years old. Significantly, 48 percent of households have children under 18 years of age, compared to only 32 percent countywide. This is consistent with an above average household size of 3.43 persons per household as compardd to the countywide average of 2.45. Among the 284 families with children, 53 percent were single-parent families. There is a small senior citizen population in the Broward Estates Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement District with 11 percent of the residents aged 65 years and older, compared to 16 percent in this age group countywide.

The Broward Estates Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement District consists of small, generally well-maintained single-family homes constructed primarily in the 1050's and 1960's. Based on data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census for the Broward Estates Census Designated Place, which is a slightly smaller area than the District, there were 1,025 housing units in the District in 2000. Of these, 80 percent or 820 units were owner-occupied and 17 percent or 173 were renter-occupied. The remaining three percent were vacant. At the time of this writing, no other Census 2000 housing statistics are available.


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Years before annexation into Lauderhill, founding members of the Broward Estates Civic Association took positive action to establish a plan for the preservation and enhancement of the neighborhood. This process took place over the course of some years, thus requiring the consistant effort and attention of the members. Thanks to the efforts and knowledge of Mr. Timothy Cox, his travel to Tallahasse, the Plan was legitimized. Below is a portion of the resulting text.

Preamble of the Broward Estates Neighborhood Enhancement Plan:

Pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Section 163.524, Florida Statutes, the Board of County Commissioners designated the Broward Estates area as a Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement District on July 3, 2000. The Broward Estates Homeowners Association organized the election process consistent with Section 163.524(4) Florida Statutes and Neighborhood Council members were elected by majority vote of the Broward Estates residents participating in the noticed election held on September 11, 2000.

The Neighborhood Council prepared the Neighborhood Enhancement Plan with input from the community. The Plan identifies goals objectives and policies to ensure that all people understand the Council's vision for the Broward Estates neighborhood, now and into the future. These statements especially will be helpful in making sure that any annexing municipality understands the values of the neighborhood residents and will endeavor to live up to the residents' expectations upon annexation.

The Neighborhood Council also identified standards it wishes to have enforced within the Broward Estates Neighborhood Presevation and Enhancement District. Some of the standards are identical with existing code provisions and some are new. The existing code provisions are restated in the Plan because they are considered especially important to the residents' quality of life in the Broward Estates neighborhood and need to be highlighted.

In accordance with Section 163.524(10) Florida Statutes, the Neighborhood Council and the Broward County Planning Services Division held a joint advertised public hearing on the Plan on October 17, 2001. All of the goals, objectives, policies and standards were read in to the record by Neighborhood Council members and discussed by the residents attending the hearing.

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