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Cars & kids on bicycles

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There are a number of vehicles that speed through Carter street towards 151st street to leave and enter the neighborhood. There are several children riding bikes along this street and several times there have close calls where children have nearly been hit...partly because of their age and inexperience... this includes even my own children. However, because we have fast paced lives today and many of us talk on the cell phones, one can lose site of what is in front of them. I am just as guilty as anyone else, we all have had close calls. To prevent a potential accident or loss of life, can we install some type of sign to help control some of the speed through this street? Maybe a children crossing sign? Looking for ideas and support from what others have experienced in past lives or neighborhoods.
Contact the City

I agree with the speeding issue but as far as ''official'' signs, that would be up to the City. Take a look at this link, found on the city's website:

By Another concerned resident
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