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Home Association Dues

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In an attempt to have the Home Association Initiation Dues the same throughout BrookHollow, BrookHighland and BrookWood, we are trying to gain enough signatures to update the covenant.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact any board member.
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Dues Payment

Is it possible to pay Annual dues by credit card?

K.S. Rao
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Overland Park
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Credit Card Payments

I checked with our Association Administrator, Mary, and we are not currently accepting dues payments via credit card. Our bank has a service charge for processing credit card payments, so we declined this option.
I will pass your suggestion along to the board members for further consideration.
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Home Association Dues

Has any thought been given to monthly dues with automatic ACH Debit ? $59.17 per month is a lot easier than $710.00 all at once in January. What do you think?

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