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Let's fix the pool!

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Can we please get the correct person/persons to monitor and add chemicals as needed to keep our pool clean? I offer my time to take this issue on if needed. The pool is a HEALTH HAZZARD due to the lack of proper chemical balancing. This is really more serious than people believe. It's more than just an aesthetic issue.
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Concern regarding the pool

I think that the pool need to be monitor and clean often. At my old neighborhood, the life guard call ''adult swim'' every 40 minutes. At that time all the kids get out of the pool so he/she can check the water. They are constantly getting leaves or other ''live'' creatures out of the pool.

My boys are not very happy to swim with a baby frog in the pool.

I can help in any way I can.



In response to your comments on our web site (as copied below), please let me offer the following:

Thanks for your offer of assistance. We appreciate any help. We have discussed this issue with our pool maintenance contractor and he is addressing the issue of clarity in the pool. He has assured me that this is NOT a chemical problem, and there is NO HEALTH HAZZARD. The chemical levels have been properly maintained. This is a technical issue with the mechanical system, and our pool maintenance contractor is working directly with the installation company to address this issue. They have identified needed changes to the mechanical system, and those changes have been made. They are also working to determine if any further changes are warranted.

Thanks again,

Bob Cain
Brookwood Area Homes Association, Inc.

By Bob Cain
Pool Clouds

I agree a cloudy pool is a dirty, unhealthy pool! Aren't we paying for a cleaning service?

clean me!
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