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NUVO new magazine has some questions about your neighborhood

Posted in: Brookside
NUVO magazine is currently working on our election guide issue. In this issue we will be covering the local city-council election and are looking for a creative way to display the districts throughout Indianapolis
We are getting in touch with neighborhood associations in each district to find out what the district is all about. We'd like to know about the points of interest, the events that take place, the projects you're working on, etc. Basically we are hoping to bring the districts "to life," and make them more than just a number. 
Would someone mind answering a few questions for me? I would appreciate as much information as possible. You can answer the questions either over the phone, or via email, whichever is more convenient. Just let me know a number, or email address where I can reach you.
Here are the questions:
  1. What is District 10’s pride point? What is one place that everyone needs to check out when traveling through here?
  2. What is your district’s problem? What should your city-council person be aware of and working on from the get-go?
  3. Does your district have any history that readers should be aware of? Any famous people, places, or stories?
  4. How would you describe the district?
  5. What projects have you worked on in the past/are you working on now?
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