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Teens, where are they going ?

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Every day and every night I see tenagers walking up and down through out Brookside Neighborhood.Often they are not on the side walk but instead they are walking in the middle of the streets.Talking loud and acting rowdy. They are obviously in search of an age appropriet activity, yet while in the process they are unconciously being negative role models for the preteens and younger children.
This concerns me because I am a firm beleiver that an idol mind is the devils work shop.The children are a large and wonderful part of this community, but teenagers can become a major problem and a large source of crime when they are not supervised and kept busy.I recognize that they are only being kids and that they've out grown there toy stage.They are no longer interested in the jump roaps or basketballs. They are looking for more social activities, especially ones available in the afternoon and evenings when they are feeling bored and restless.Soon school will be out on summer break what are the plans for the kids?(especially the teens).Do we leave it up to the parents or do we come together as a community and provide some safe activities in a safe environment? Are there any available in this community? What are they? Where are they? What are the hours of operation? and how is this info, if any, being distributed to the families of these teens.Later swimming pool hours,a video/game room,and also dances that are safe and heavily supervised are a few suggestions. They should have many affordable activities lined up to help keep them out of trouble,off the streets,and looking forward to the summer's activities.Also I feel it is important for the programs not to close too early especially durring the summer.
Parks Department
the above is a link to info about a few summertime activities. I saw free movies in the park mentioned there. You make some good points. Anyone out there have any answers?? I do not have children but will try to find some (answers not children:)

By Rose
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